The enemy character that unread people will likely misunderstand as ‘last boss’ is ‘clearly the biggest.’

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Who is the “real last boss” of the legendary works?

Many classic mangas have attractive “enemy characters.” Especially at the end of the story, the final decisive battle with the “last boss” is awe-inspiring when you think the many actions accumulated so far were the foundation for this battle.

Gakuburu, just by meeting your eyes? Enemies worse than the final boss (7 cards) By the way, some enemies have such a strong presence that people who don’t know them think they are the “last boss” even though they aren’t technically the “last boss.” Let’s look back at its overwhelming presence.

The definition of “last boss” is often debated, but this time it is defined as “the last enemy the main character fought at work.” Raoh from “Fist of the North Star” (original: Buronson, drawing: Tetsuo Hara) is the first character often mistaken for the final boss.

“Kenshiro vs. Raoh” has been featured repeatedly in TV program specials, so many people should know Raoh even if they don’t know the original or anime. Poke your secret hole and say, “I have no regrets in my life!! The scene where he dies with the words” is probably one of the “most famous deaths” that transcends the boundaries of fiction and non-fiction. By the way, if the story of “Fist of the North Star” ends here, it will continue with “Part 2” and “Part 3”.

In the anime version, Kaioh was the final boss, but in the original, the blind villain named Borge corresponds to the final boss. Just because he fought at the end, Borge’s strength and presence are far behind Raoh and Kaioh, and he’s a character with low recognition, not only for those who watched the anime but also for those who read the original story. Next, who is the final boss of “Dragon Ball” (written by Akira Toriyama)? New animations are still being made, so I can’t generalize, but it’s Majin Buu in the original. Until then, it had been through battles with enemy characters such as Frieza and Cell, who still shine brilliantly in manga history.

The elusiveness of the characters and forms that change throughout the work is full of despair. However, although Majin Buu is also a famous character, there is a possibility that Frieza has more recognition than him due to the impact of his appearance.

Also, the “Dragon Ball” story will continue, so the “true final boss” may appear. I don’t know if the expression “last boss” is appropriate. Still, Joe Yabuki’s destined rival, Toru Rikiishi, who appeared in “Tomorrow’s Joe” (original: Asao Takamori, drawing: Tetsuya Chiba), is also Joe’s final boss. It is easy to be mistaken for the opponent in a decisive battle. However, the fight against Rikiishi was the middle stage of the story.

The death of Chikaraishi, who died after the match and was so shocking to fans that a “funeral” was held in reality, is so famous that the battle with him has brought about a significant change in the atmosphere of the story since then.

But his opponent in the favorite “burnt out” finale was bantamweight champion Jose Mendoza. Even those who have yet to read the main story have heard of Mendoza, a famous character representing the manga world, but Chikaraishi’s impact probably needed to be stronger.

In addition, Rouni Kenshin’s Shishio Shinji, Yu Yu Hakusho’s Toguro brother, and Bleach’s Sosuke Aizen, there are still more famous and popular enemy characters than the actual final boss. Regardless of what they are, enemy characters with a “last boss look” are a popular backbone of the story.

In addition, although there are many popular enemy characters such as “ONE PIECE” and “Kingdom” in the serialized manga, there are also works where it is not yet known who will be the “last boss,” which is attracting attention.

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