Seven works, including ‘Ryu Knight’ and ‘Granzort,’ will be distributed on Sunrise Channel.

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This time’s lineup picks up a lot of SD robot work. “Mado King Granzort” (1989 work) is a royal road fantasy set in the lunar world with a motif of swords and magic. “Gale! Iron Leaguer” (1993) is a famous work of new ground incorporating hot-blooded sports into robot animation.

“Choryoku Robo Garat” (1984) is a slapstick comedy in which an SD robot transforms into a real robot. “Ryu Knight” (1994 work) is a famous work that incorporates role-playing game (RPG) elements into SD robots.

In addition, “Valbrave the Revolutionary” (2013 work), “Gasaraki” (1998 work), and “The King of Braves Gaogaigar” will deliver the continuation of the previous distribution.

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