The ‘feelings’ contained in ‘Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni’ were linked to the film by international affairs. A song in the play composed by Evan Cole was added.

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“Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni, “a theatrical animation adaptation of Nao Iwamoto’s popular manga, will be released on January 27. Evan Call, a popular composer known for the anime “Violet Evergarden” and the Taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen,” was in charge of both the accompaniment and the in-game songs for this work. The content of the story is linked to the actual world situation.

The original is a topical comic that won first place in 2017 with “This manga is amazing! (Onna)”. Princess Sara (CV: Minami Hamabe ) and architect Naranbayar (CV: Kento Kaku ) will play a false couple, caught up in the speculations between the two countries that have been discontinued for 100 years.

“Kin no Kuni” and “Mizu no Kuni,” which are the movie’s settings, are beautiful countries with different cultures. However, due to the long-standing confrontation, the internal situation between the two countries has become severe, and this will be the catalyst for the story to move powerfully.

The “Water Country,” rich in nature, has had its commercial routes closed to the “Golden Country” due to the war, so the whole country remains poor. On the other hand, the “Kin no Kuni” is prosperous, but it is suffering from water shortages, and it desperately wants the abundant water resources of the “Water Nation.”

In “Kin no Kuni,” the Minister of the Right, Piri Pappa (CV: Chafurin), encourages King Rastavan III (CV: Ginga Banjo) to start a war on “Water Country,” and the anti-war faction who wants to stop the decline of the country.

The 1st Princess Leopoldine (CV: Keiko Toda ), who penetrates the opposition, conflicts with two factions in the country. Set in countries on the verge of war, each justice is depicted because they love their country.

The subject matter of these films became linked to reality more than expected because the world situation suddenly became severe during the production of this work. Director Kotono Watanabe cites the birth of the impressively used in-game song as “the impact of the war that happened in reality.” Cole worked on three songs in the play. “Yasashii Yokan,” “Brand New World,” and “Love Birds” are sung powerfully and delicately by the notable singer Kotone.

According to Director Watanabe, there was no plan to include a song at first. However, while the film and music had already been completed, he saw the war news on television. That’s when I changed my mind.

Director Watanabe “At first, I envisioned a song that would emphasize the two opposing magnificences, but emphasizing painful feelings is not the intention of the work, so it would be better not to do it. The main focus is to depict the modest love between the two main characters. Still, because the resolution of the viewer has increased, there is a possibility that they will receive something more serious than the story. Therefore, by including singing songs, we made three songs in the play to get closer to the two and feel more about their modest love.”

Cole, who composed the music, said, “Like the characters in this movie, despite their different countries and circumstances, they understand each other and share warm feelings…I think the real world should be like that too.”

He seemed to be working on music production with “gentle feelings.” Producer Toshimi Tanyu also said, “Now, there is a war going on in real life, and I am reminded of the modernity of this work. I hope it will be a work that you can go home with a feeling of peace.”

“Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni” will be released nationwide on January 27.

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