Free distribution starts from episode 1 of the anime ‘Oishinbo’ 121 episodes distributed three times a week.

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They had finished releasing all videos at the end of January, but it was re-delivered in response to fans’ voices. 121 episodes out of all 136 episodes of TV animation are delivered one episode each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 pm (holiday delivery is closed), and each episode is open for 45 days. One episode and popular episodes with many views and comments are constantly released.

Shin-Ei Animation broadcasted this work from 1988 to 1992 based on the same name by Tetsu Kariya (original) and Akira Hanasaki (drawing). Shiro Yamaoka, a reporter from the Culture Department of the Tozai Shimbun, created an “ultimate menu” to challenge his colleague Yuko Kurita and a feud with his father, Yuuzan Kaibara.

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