The final chapter of the anime ‘Attack on Titan’ Part 2 will be broadcast in January.

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It was announced on the 22nd that NHK General TV would broadcast Part 2 of the TV anime “Attack on Titan The Final Season,” which will start posting this winter from January next year—published from Episode 76, “Condemnation.”

The latest broadcast information was announced at the “Attack on Titan Orchestra Concert” held on the 22nd. Director Yuichiro Hayashi said, “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting! The Final Season Part 2 will start in January next year! From the large-scale battle in Shiganshina Ward to the story approaching the origin of the giant, we are finally approaching the climax. We are taking on many new challenges in terms of images. How will that scene be visualized? Please look forward to it! “, Commenting on his enthusiasm for Part 2.

Before the new broadcast, a particular omnibus that looks back on the progress so far and an original animation (OAD) that is talked about from the perspectives of Levi, Ani, Mikasa, etc., are also scheduled to be broadcast.

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