The candy ‘Binramune’ is back! Sweets that suck powdered ramune, which became a hot topic in the anime ‘Dagashi Kashi,’ with a straw

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It turned out that the candy ” Binramune,” which had been suspended from production, will resume production and sales.

“Binramune” is, in the shape of a bottle Monaca containing the powder of soda in the – in the candy that pierced the straw in the bottom of Monaca, little by little Ramune The feature is how to enjoy sucking out. After tasting the ramune, you can also eat the bottle-shaped monaka.

A manufacturer devised the confectionery in Chiba prefecture in the 1950s. Still, due to the manufacturer’s closure, Okada Shoten in Taito-Ku, Tokyo, has outsourced and sold the confectionery. In 2016, the anime ” Dagashi Kashi” Although it was proud of its core popularity, such as being featured in “Binramune,” Okada Shoten announced in 2018 that “the production of bin ramune has been temporarily suspended due to various reasons.”

Since then, there have been calls for a resurrection. Regarding the resumption of manufacturing and sales this time, we can provide technical guidance and arrange and store raw materials and materials with the cooperation of many people such as manufacturers who have been manufacturing the same product before and manufacturers who will take over the manufacturing. Okada Shoten said that it was realized from that. “We received feedback from our customers that they expected the product to resume, and we were able to do our best without feeling tired that we had to leave this product.

“This time, I was involved in the manufacturing process and the procurement of raw materials, and I felt how hard the manufacturers were in manufacturing.” In addition, while revealing the facts of the industry that many candy makers have decided to close the business or end the production of products because the soaring cost cannot be passed on to the product price, “If there is profit, it is possible to entrust it to a successor. You can do it, and you can update the equipment.

This is a problem that must be addressed by the industry as a whole, which is difficult with the efforts of individual operators alone, “he said. “Binramune” is filled with the thoughts of many people. If you see it, I would like to pick it up. Image: From Okada Shoten official website (Kikka)

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