The first advanced cut of the new anime ‘Hananoi-kun to Koi no Iyoshi’ presented by ‘Hatsukoi Joshi x Aishu Danshi’ has been released. The opening theme song will be performed by Timelesz, who is attracting attention due to a name change.

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Regarding the TV anime “Hananoi-kun and Koi no Iyoshi” (based on Kodansha’s “Monthly Dessert”), which is scheduled to be broadcast from April 2024, the first episode is expected to be broadcast on 28 TBS stations nationwide from 23:56 on Thursday, April 4th.

The advance cut and synopsis of episode 1, “Nice to Meet You,” have arrived. In a unique pre-broadcast program on “ABEMA,” Kana Hanazawa (voice of Hotaru Hinase) and Chiaki Kobayashi (voice of Hananoi-kun) will discuss the highlights of the TV anime using correlation diagrams, as well as share their “Top 3 Things I Want to Do in High School Life” and “Painted Love.” This unique program will air just before the first episode, adding an exciting element to the premiere.

There will also be planned corners such as “Two-choice questions related to the series,” in which we will delve into the work’s appeal and the two prominent cast members. “Hananoi-kun and Love Disease is a first-love love story about a girl who doesn’t understand love and a boy whose love is too heavy. It was written by Moe Morino, who has sold over 4 million copies (including e-books).

Hotaru Hinase, a first-year high school student with little experience with romance, casually holds out her umbrella to Hananoi-kun, who is in the class next to her. This minor incident triggers Hananoi-kun to publicly confess his love to her later by asking her to go out with him. I ended up being.

Episode 1 advance cut & synopsis
Episode 1 “Nice to Meet You” Synopsis One day, on her way home, Hotaru Hinase witnesses her classmate Hananoi-kun, who is rumored to have a deviation score of over 80 for both his head and face, getting dumped. Hotaru, who has no interest in love, wonders why she would fall in love, but she casually offers him an umbrella as he stands alone in the snowy park. Later, Hananoi-kun confessed to me and asked me to go out with him.

“Hananoi-kun and Love Disease” work information
Hotaru Hinase is a first-year high school student blessed with family and friends but has had little luck with romance. One day, she sees Hananoi-kun, a handsome guy in the class next to her, getting dumped. When Hananoi-kun stands alone in the park, she casually holds her umbrella to Hotaru.

As a result of that minor incident, Hananoi later publicly confessed to her that he wanted her to go out with him. What does “like” mean? What does it mean to be “in love”? Hotaru is confused by her sudden confession and wants to do anything for the girl he loves. Hananoi-kun has endless amounts of love. The first love story is between a girl who doesn’t understand love and a boy whose love is too heavy. The TV anime “Hananoi-kun and Koi no Ishi” will be broadcast in April 2024.

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