In the anime ‘Kingdom,’ season 5, episode 12, Kanki’s strategy is too brutal! ‘I’ve become empathetic towards Norito,’ says the enemy, who sympathizes with him.

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In the 12th episode of the 5th series of the anime “Kingdom,” which has been broadcasting sequentially since March 30th, the general of the Qin country, Kanki (CV: Kentaro Ito), sends a “gift” made from a corpse to the general of the enemy country. His brutal tactics shocked viewers, with comments such as It may be a plan, but it’s disgusting” He’s seriously outrageous.”

The anime Kingdom” is based on the popular manga by Yasuhisa Hara, which is currently being serialized inWeekly Young Jump” (Shueisha). The original manga won the Manga Grand Prize at the 17th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award in 2013. A Chinese warring period taiga romance set in China during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, depicting the activities of Shin (CV: Seiichi Morita), a young boy who aims to become a great general of the world, and Ei Masa (CV: Jun Fukuyama), a young king who will later become Qin Shi Huang. Is. In the 11th episode of the previous broadcast, Shin and Kanki had a conflict over the massacre, continuing from the last episode. Hishintai’s Obira (CV: Kosuke Toriumi) was entrusted with calming the situation and calming Shin down.

However, Obira drops the loot forcibly given to Kanki’s men. Shin asks, Did you rip it off a dead person?” and punches Obira away while crying. He then ordered him to be expelled, saying, Don’t come back to my house again, Obira!” Obira, who was kicked out of the Hishintai, was crying and complaining, Don’t be silly,” andFuck Shin!” At that time, he overhears a soldier on Kanki’s side having a conversation making fun of Shin.

Then, Obira punched the other person, saying, Those who laugh at Shin are not free!” Even though strong soldiers surrounded him, he declared, We all know that Nobu is talking about being nice,” and It doesn’t matter if I know, I love Nobu!” Obira admires Nobu despite the conflict, saying, My feelings for Shin and the Hishin Corps…I cried.” “Odaira is such a good guy.”

“The scene where he expresses his feelings is truly amazing.” Odaira cries out to the Hikari cavalry.” I like how you cut it,” said fans, who were moved by their hearts. Episodes 12 and 13 (the final episode), which conclude the fifth series, were broadcast as two consecutive episodes. In episode 12, “Nightfall of Victory,” Kanki delivers an arch made from the corpses of the people of the village he massacred to Norihito (CV: Yasushi Ishii), the lord of Logan City in the state of Zhao. Ta. He also sent a provocative message saying, I’m going to cause even more tragedy than this in your Eyeless Castle, so look forward to it,” and threatened him using the castle’s people, whom Norito values ​​above all else.

A warrior who will use any cruel means to achieve his goal. The extremely ruthless strategy left viewers in shock, with comments such as He’s seriously outrageous,” Even though it’s a plan, it’s disgusting, and” General Kanki is too brutal.” I’m starting to empathize with Norito.”

In episode 12, “Nightfall of Victory and Loss,” The Hishin Corps is tasked with recapturing the central hill from the commander-in-chief, Kanki, and waits for an opportunity to attack. However, it seemed difficult for the Zhao army to capture the central hill, which was steadily turned into a fort. At that time, at the main camp of the Zhao army, Kiyeon, whom the Huanki had shaken, was forced to make the ultimate choice as the general of Zhao and the lord of Logan City. What decision will Norito make in the middle of a battle that will significantly impact the future of the state of Zhao? The Battle of Black Sheep Hill. The time for its conclusion approaches!!

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