The first animation, ‘Zoids -ZOIDS,’ will be rebroadcast on April 3rd Announcement video will be released.

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It was decided that the first TV animation, “Zoids -ZOIDS-,” which was broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting in 1999, will be rebroadcast on TOKYO MX from 19:00 on April 3.

It was decided to rebroadcast in response to the voice of an adult fan who was crazy about playing with Zoids as a child and wanted to see the video of the TV animation “Zoids -ZOIDS-.”

In addition, the national traveling exhibition “ZOIDS Exhibition,” which looks back on the history of 40 years, will be held from May 26, 2023 (Friday), starting at “Umeda Loft” in Osaka.

Planet Zi in the other side of the galaxy. There was an excellent metal life form, “Zoid,” there. Zoids have the will to fight themselves and reigned as the most potent weapon in the war between the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic on planet Zi.

The main character, Van Freiheit, is a Zoid-loving boy born and raised on this planet. One day, in the ruins of the ancients, he met the organoid Sieg, who has the power to combine with Zoids, and the mysterious girl Fine, Eleshinine, and Line. With the Shield Liger revived by Sieg’s power as her favorite machine, she sets out on a journey to find Finne’s past after she lost her memories.

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