‘Ayakashi Triangle’ Transferred to Jump + ‘To LOVE-Ru’ Kentaro Yabuki’s manga

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Kentaro Yabuki’s manga “Ayakashi Triangle”, known for “To LOVE-Ru”, will be transferred from the manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) to the manga app “Shonen Jump + (plus)” (same as above). It turned out. It was announced in the 20th issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump”, released on April 18.

Transferred on April 25, a colour page will be attached to each episode after the transfer. It was also announced that episodes 1-87 would be distributed free.

The same work will be serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in June 2020. A story about a boy named Kazemaki Matsuri, who worships a youkai that is harmful to humans, tries to seal the youkai king Shirogane but is turned into a woman by the art. It has also been announced that it will be made into TV animation.

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