The story of ‘Ars no Kyojuu’ is finally reaching its climax! 2nd KV lifted

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From January 6, 2023 (Friday), the 2nd key visual has been lifted from the original animation “Ars no Kyojuu.” x Asahi Production’s original animation “Ars no Kyojuu.”

People who thrive in a world where “giant beasts” are rampant. “Jiro the Undead” meets “20th and 2nd Kuumi,” who are being chased by someone, and the story begins to move.

The director of this work is Akira Oguro, the character draft is Ashito Oyari, and the series composition and screenplay is Norimitsu Kaiho. Hiroshi Shimizu and Masato Kato are in charge of character design, Shuji Katayama and Akaya Suzuki are in charge of music, and Asahi Production is in charge of animation production.

The second critical visual, lifted this time, is Kuumi standing up even after her memories and battle with the experimental body. Kuumi, who was named “Blooming Kuumi,” Jiiro and others, and the person who holds the key to the story are drawn, making it a visual that foreshadows the climax of “Ars no Kyoju.”

There are still many mysteries in “The Giant Beast of Ars,” which is finally reaching its climax.

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