The first anime character appearance in red-and-white history! Ado is in charge of the singing voice, and ‘Uta’ from the movie One Piece is the Red Team Wakuwaku Shichau.

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The singers who will participate in the “73rd Kōhaku Uta Gassen” broadcast by NHK on New Year’s Eve ( 7/20 ) will be announced on the 16th, and Uta, the diva character who appears in the hit anime movie” ONE PIECE FILM RED, “will be red—named as a contestant. As in the film, Ado (20) is in charge of Uta’s singing voice. Uta said, “I’m excited to be able to sing in front of everyone.

I’m looking forward to making everyone happy with my songs! On New Year’s Eve, I’ll sing on the Kouhaku Uta Gassen stage as hard as possible.

There are a lot of videos showing the process leading up to the actual performance. I will stream it, so I will happily share this excitement with everyone! So please look forward to it.” In addition, Ado said to Uta, “Congratulations on participating in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen. I’m happy that you, who continues to shine as a diva, will stand on this stage this time.

On the day of the event, your performance will brighten our present. So please come, and I hope everyone can see their dreams. I’m rooting for you.” For 15 years in Kohaku, the idol character “μ’s “in the anime “Love Live!” (Muse)” was selected, and the voice actors who were in charge of the animation voices sang it at the venue.

This time, attention will also be paid to whether Ado will sing on stage. The movie recorded 18 billion yen in box office revenue, the ninth highest in history. Along with this popularity, the seven songs in the play that Uta sings are also hits. In particular, the theme song “New Era” was the first Japanese to reach number one on the world charts on Apple Music.

The number of views of the subscription (unlimited listening) has exceeded 200 million times, making it one of the songs representing this year. Since the songs in the play, such as “I am the strongest” and “Utakatararabai,” are also hits, there is a possibility that they will be performed in a medley at Kouhaku. Ado made its major debut in October 2020. “Usseewa,” “Odori,” and “Gira Gira” hit one after another. Last month, she announced a partnership with long-established US label Geffen Records. When he is trying to expand his field of activity to the world, he will also show his presence in national programs.

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