Animation ‘Bofuri 2’ to start in January 2011 & 1st PV released ‘Maple Tree’ ‘Gathering Holy Swords’ ‘Entei no Kuni’ 3 Guilds Revealed

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The second season of the popular TV anime “I don’t want to get hurt, so I’d like to maximize my defensive power. 2” (abbreviation: Bosuri 2) has been decided to start broadcasting in January 2023. In addition, the first promotional video (PV) has been released.

Depicts the main characters, Maple and others who have acquired the “absolute defense” skill as a result of “extreme swing” that distributes all status points to defense power. A story in which the most robust beginner of the final boss class, who nullifies all attacks and overruns obstacles with his lethal poison skill, has a fun adventure with his friends. The first period was broadcast from January to March 2020.

In the first PV released, the appearance of the unique members of the three guilds, [Maple Tree], [Gathering Holy Swords], and [Enotei no Kuni], going on a big adventure in a new world, is drawn with a lot of further cuts. Ing.

At the same time, the central staff and cast have also been revealed, and the first phase will be repeated on TOKYO MX (starting October 6th, every Thursday at 10:30) and BS11 (beginning October 6th, every Thursday at 11:00). It has also been announced that it will be broadcast.

Original: Yumikan (Kadokawa BOOKS “I don’t want to get hurt, so I’d like to focus on defense.”/published by KADOKAWA)
Character draft: Fox Seal
Director: Shin Onuma
Series composition: Fumihiko Shimo
Character design and chief animation director: Kazuya Hirata Chief
animation director: Hiroyuki Honda
Prop design: Kaori Sato, Yuki Sawairi
Weapon design: Shinpei Aoki, Hiroshi Maejima
Creature design: Shimako Abo, HB2P, Mitsuaki Hori, Arisa Fujii (Chiptune)
Art Director: Yuuki Shinjo
Art Setting: Minoru Maeda
Color Design: Natsumi Hirama
Director of Photography: Atsushi Sato (Studio Shamrock)
3D Director: Hirohisa Kitamura
Editing: Yuji Kondo (REAL-T)
Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi
Sound Effects: Kawada Kiyotaka
Recording Adjustment: Shinichi Enomoto Sound Production :
Jinnan Studio Music :
Taro Masuda Music Production :

Animation Production: SILVERLINK. Saori Hayami Kanade: Satomi Arai Mai: Ai Kakuma Yui: Nanaka Suwa Chrom: Noriaki Sugiyama Izu: Satomi Sato [Gathering Holy Swords] Pain: Kensho Ono Dread: Takumi Yamazaki Frederica: Ayana Taketatsu Drag: Entei Kana Country: Mii: Rina Sato Shin: Kappei Yamaguchi Marx: Akira Ishida Misery: Yuko Minaguchi Dorazo: Sakura Tange

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