‘Yamano Susume Next Summit’ starts broadcasting in October. They were published in the first 30-minute frame of the series.

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The key visual was shown when the broadcast start time of ” Yamano Susume Next Summit, “which is the 4th period of the TV animation ” Yamano Susume, “was decided in October.

In addition, it is clear that the same work, which has been broadcast in 1 episode 5 minutes in the 1st period and 1 episode 15 minutes in the 2nd and 3rd periods, will be developed in the series’ first 30-minute frame (12 episodes in total). It became. Episodes 1 to 4 are the “review edited version” that summarizes the stories of the 1st to 3rd periods, including the new short story, and the latest reports are drawn after the 5th episode.

” Yamano Susume ” is based on the manga serialized by Mr. Shiro in the web comic magazine “Comic Earth Star.” Aoi (CV: Yuka Iguchi ), a first-year high school student, learns about the charm of her mountain after reuniting with her childhood friend Hinata (Kana Asumi) and enjoys famous peaks in various places with her friends. The first period of TV animation was broadcast in 2013, the second period in 2014, the third period in 2018, and the OVA was produced in 2017. ” Yamano Susume Next Summit ” is the 4th term of the series.

The full text of the comments by the original author, Mr. Shiro, and the director, Yusuke Yamamoto, is as follows.

This broadcast is an omnibus of the first four episodes so far, and after that, it is a new work, and it is a composition that is kind to Mr. Hatsumi.
And what is the significance of telling a story again from the beginning? If you think about it, it may be interesting to predict how far it will be and what kind of mountain will appear.

Koharu did not appear in the third term due to the shaku, but Emiri Iwai, who plays the role, is this person from the early stage of the audition among the animation staff! It was one.

She said, “Oh, this noisiness …” when she called out, and it was a fantastic performance in which Kawai and Uza lived together exquisitely.

I hope you will look forward to this as well!

I have a lot of things I want to tell you, but I feel that I couldn’t convey them because I didn’t have enough words. I think that 10% of the charm wasn’t given (dubbing was also interesting … !), ” Yamano Susume Next Summit ” with the love and enthusiasm of the staff, I hope you can look forward to autumn!

And from now on, there will be quite a few collaborations.
I’m glad to hear many voices, and I think we’ll announce it from time to time, so please look forward to it too …!
” Yamano Susume Next Summit ” Thank you!

Yusuke Yamamoto (Director)
Thank you for being so patient!
Finally, the airing time of ” Yamano Susume Next Summit ” has been decided.

Starting with a net short animation frame of 3 minutes, it has grown to 10 minutes per episode in the second season, and this “Next Summit” will finally be a 30-minute program.

You can see Aoi and Hinata’s growth in the play, and I am deeply moved as a director.

There was too much space between the previous work, so I was worried, “Can you remember the story so far?” And “Can people who see it for the first time enter smoothly?” I will be able to make a “review edited version” until the third season.

Through the work of putting together the three seasons, I think I had the valuable experience of re-examining the story of ” Yamano Susume. ” Not only a digest but also a very luxurious (?) The new short story is included as a bonus, so please look forward to it.

And after the review is over, we will deliver the new Yamanosume work that is fully open!

As the title implies, “Next Summit” aims to reach the next peak of the story.

The season is from winter, the continuation of the third season, so it’s an off-season, but Aoi and his friends are climbing mountains. (Of course, we also went up with the staff! Sweat) In the story, a new character, Koharu-senpai, appeared, dated Hikari-san, first sunrise, first visit, Valentine’s Day, and Hereafter secret. There was such a blank.

Despite this, in addition to the staff who have been willing to cooperate with us from before, we are also supported by the team who have newly joined us, and we hope that the production is proceeding with a fulfilling lineup. I will report (although the work is still tricky as usual …).

I’m thrilled to be able to direct a work that fans and staff have loved for a long time.
Please stay with us until the end of the story of Aoi and Hinata!

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