‘2021 K-Pop World Festival’ held preliminary round in Hamburg

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The Korean Consulate General in Hamburg will hold the ‘2021 K-Pop World Festival Germany Region Hamburg Qualifiers’ online for July.

‘2021 K-Pop World Festival’ is a global K-pop festival hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Overseas Culture and Promotion Agency, KBS, and Changwon since 2011. About 100 diplomatic missions abroad hold regional qualifiers for locals every year. This year, considering the COVID-19 situation, not only the preliminary rounds in Germany but also the finals in Korea will be held as non-face-to-face events.

The Hamburg qualifiers will be held in the following rounds: ▲Participant video submission completed (July 9) ▲, Online popularity voting, and the first round of expert judges to determine the top 10 teams (July 10 to 15th) ▲Professional judges’ second round to advance to the next round Selection of 6 units to run to (July 15) ▲ The final winner announcement video will be released (July 25 – August 25).

Participants must submit a K-pop cover dance video for one free song and one required song (BTS), and the top 4 teams in the K-pop dance performance category selected through a local expert screening, personal changes, or touching stories related to K-pop The two best stories to introduce the team will advance to the next round for the finals.

In addition, by introducing the Popularity Award this year, the free songs of all participants will be selected through online voting, independent of expert judgment.

In addition, part of the judges selecting the final winners of the Hamburg audition from among the top 10 teams will be filmed and released as a separate video.

Online popularity voting and final winner announcement video will be held on the ‘2021 K-Pop World Festival Hamburg Preliminary, Germany’ official website.

An official from the Consulate General in Hamburg said, “We expect this event to contribute to broadening the understanding and base of Hallyu and K-pop in Germany.”

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