Kimetsu no Yaiba x ANA, illustrations drawn by Charcoal Jiro and others transformed into pilots, etc. “CA Kawaii of Sadako-chan”

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In collaboration with the popular anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” ANA will launch a specially designed aircraft, “Kimetsu no Yaiba Jet Ichi,” at the end of January 2022. ANA updated Twitter and TikTok on the 20th and released a tie-up limited illustration.

On Twitter, “Illustrations drawn by limited to tie-ups have been lifted,” and “#Kimetsu no Yaiba ANA goods using illustrations will be released one after another.” In the posted video, pilot Sumijiro, CA’s Sadako and Zeni, ground handling Inosuke, who works at the airfield, and mechanic’s sound pillar, Umeda Tengen, appear in their respective costumes. Is doing.

From the people who saw this post, “I want coffee from Mr. Zeni of CA” “Nezuko CA is too cute” “CA cute of Mameko-chan” “Let’s run with Inosuke airplane w” “Umeda “Mr. looks too good and is perfect.”

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