The latest work for the 35th anniversary of the original ‘Movie Kaiketsu Zorori’ will be released in December.

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The theatrical animation ” Movie Kaiketsu Zorori Lalala ♪ Star Tanjo ” has been decided to be released in December.

The popular children’s book ” Kaiketsu Zorori ” series, which has a cumulative circulation of over 35 million copies, was born in 1987. 2022 is the 35th anniversary year.

” Movie Kaiketsu Zorori Lalala ♪ Star Tanjo “is reconstructed as an original movie story based on the original “Kaiketsu Zorori Star Tanjo” released in 2019. The original anime character Beat (CV: Yuki Kaji ) that appears in the TV series will also appear, and the story of the growth of the girl Hippopo who aims to become a star, will be drawn in a musical style.

As with the TV series ” Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori “, the director is Takahide Ogata. The script is Atsuhiro Tomioka. The music is Kohei Tanaka, and BN Pictures and Ajia are in charge of animation production. The full text of the comment from the original author, Yutaka Hara, is as follows.

This is a notice of theatrical film adaptation in the memorable year of the 35th anniversary of Kaiketsu Zorori.

Zorori and I have continued their adventures while powering up, hoping that it would become a theatrical movie someday, so I’m not so happy.

This story is a musical style with lots of songs. I’m also looking forward to what kind of melody the lyrics I had a hard time with will become.

The singing voices of Zorori will surely energize everyone, so please visit us at the theatre.

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