‘Witch’s Journey’ The pretty, beautiful girl Elaina’s mature expression will make you excited about ‘Union Creative’ figure reproduction.

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The Elaina figure from The Witch’s Journey, sold by Union Creative, will be reproduced. Reservations are currently being accepted on the company’s official website.

The original work of “Majo no Tabi” is a light novel published by Shiraishi Shiji in “GA Novel.” Set in a world similar to the Middle Ages, where magic exists, the story depicts Elaina, a traveling witch who visits various places and people in that world.

This product,” “”The Witch’s Journey” Elaina, is an item that reproduces a figure of Elaina smiling with a mature expression in response to many requests. The finish is cute, dignified, and calming. Fans who still need to purchase it should take this opportunity to get it.

The price of “‘The Witch’s Journey’ Elaina [Resale 24]” is 17,380 yen (tax included). Reservations are being accepted on the Union Creative official website until March 6, 2024, and it is scheduled to be released in September.Product name: “The Witch’s Journey” Elaina [Resale 24] Seller: Union Creative Co., Ltd. Size: Height 120mm Specifications: Painted finished figure Accessories: Pedestal Price: 15,800 yen (excluding tax) / 17,380 yen (tax included) Release date: Scheduled to be released in September 2024 Prototype: Design Coco PAINT: Design Coco Order deadline: Until Wednesday, March 6, 2024 (C) Shiraishi Ruler/SB Creative/Witch Travels Production Committee

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