The movie ‘Dragon Ball’ Piccolo releases its potential! Notice & 2nd visual ban lifted

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The announcement & the second visual of the new movie “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero” (released on April 22) of the animation “Dragon Ball” (DB) has been lifted. In the video of the notice, you can see that it has become a that will be the first appearance throughout the series, and it has been dramatically enhanced. The newly released battle scene is drawn with an inexperienced video expression.

The ultimate Android Gamma No. 1 & Gamma No. 2 was newly created by the Red Ribbon Army. Piccolo, who was attacked by Gamma No. 2, infiltrates the base of the Red Ribbon Army but witnesses a massive conspiracy set up there. And Gohan is also forced to participate in the war because his beloved daughter Pan is kidnapped.

Piccolo released the hidden ability to save the world in front of a strong enemy. He also calls on Gohan to “show his true power.” Can Gohan respond and defeat the Red Ribbon Army?

This work whose whole picture has gradually become clear. In addition to Piccolo and Gohan, how will other friends participate in the war? The notice, lifted, is an unexperienced super-beautiful image that raises expectations.

In addition, the second visual that was lifted at the same time is the battle scene of Gohan & Piccolo, Android Gamma No. 1 & Gamma No. 2. Gohan is the ultimate, and Piccolo is the awakened. It makes you feel a sense of tension and a sense of dynamism.

Furthermore, the other day, it was revealed that the attendee gift <1st> was a “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” card, but the information on the other card that was a secret at that time was also lifted. One of them is the Son Gohan version. , which was raised this time, is also a unique piece that appears in the space-time transfer of super abilities. This visitor gift is a premium item limited to a total of 1 million articles nationwide.

In addition, the screening of IMAX / 4DX / MX4D, which has been praised by fans every time with Dragon Ball, has been decided in this work. The first 4DX extreme version of the series was released in the previous work, overwhelming what you see with the most substantial level of images and experiences. I can’t wait for the day when I can experience the highest density quality pursued by the original author, Akira Toriyama, in the best environment.

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