The new animation ‘Overtake!’ has Unusually 800 voice actor auditions, and the leading role is the cutting-edge Anan Furuya.

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KADOKAWA and TROYCA, the animation production company that worked on ” Aldnoah. Zero “, teamed up to produce the original animation “Overtake!” The central staff and main cast were announced in Tokyo on the 20th. Director Ei Aoki, producer Toshiyuki Nagano of TROYCA, producer Seika Ueda of KADOKAWA, Anan Furuya, who plays Yu Asahina, and Katsuyuki Konishi, who plays Takaya Maga, attended the press conference.

A total of 800 voice actors auditioned. Are introductory categories of formula car racing with “F1” at the top? In the stage of “F4” (Formula 4), which plays the role of “Koshien of Sports,” the lives of two high school racers, Yu Asahina and photographer Takaya Maga, intersect beyond the differences in personality and age. Story. Two main characters were announced today. An ensemble drama is planned, and a large number of characters are expected, but even so, about 800 applicants are said to be unusual.

The main characters, Anan Furuya, who plays the role of Yu Asahina, and Katsuyuki Konishi, who plays the role of Takaya Maga, were each selected from about 100 participants in the audition. Looking back on the selection of voice actors, Producer Nagano said with a wry smile, “There were so many, I couldn’t stop listening to them. I was surprised.”

The process is to select several candidates for each character from voice data with lines and proceed to the final audition, where they perform in the studio. Anan Furuya, who plays Yu Asahina, has landed her first lead role in an animated television series. Director Aoki testified, “Everyone shared their images, but almost everyone agreed on Mr. Furuya. When I heard it, I thought it was Haruka.”

She was almost a newcomer, and there were some concerns about her lack of experience, but at the studio audition, she was given the stamp of approval that she was okay. Furuya tightened her expression, saying, “I’m overwhelmed. (At Studio) there were no retakes in particular, and I was worried that I was giving up and thought it was no good.”

Katsuyuki Konishi, who has been in charge of many main characters, plays the role of Takaya Maga. Looking forward to Furuya’s acting, he said, “When I heard his voice, I thought it was wonderful because it matched the character, and I wondered what would happen from now on.” It is said that it is rare that all the voice actors who are the first candidates for each character are all together with the adjustment of the schedule.

The original character design is by Takako Shimura, a manga artist of “Even if I become an adult.” Masako Matsumoto for character design, Katsuhiko Takayama for supervisor, and lovely staff gathered. Asahina belongs to the weak “Komaki Motors” and lives in the Komaki family while doing a part-time job delivering newspapers. Producer Ueda said shyly, “The setting of a male high school student and a racer is very moe.” Maga, a photographer in a slump, plays the role of learning minor subjects with the viewers, with the setting that he did not know the F4. Other characters, broadcasting start dates, broadcasting stations, etc., will be announced sequentially. (Various news, Kohei Yamamoto)

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