Who will be selected as an official member of the “Pokemon” Mew exploration? Episode 113, which also features Shigeru, was broadcast today

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The scene cut and synopsis of episode 113 of the popular anime “Pokemon” (official abbreviation: Anipoke TV Tokyo series every Friday from 6:55) has been released.

In episode 113, “Last Mission! Get Regeleki Regi Drago !!”, which was broadcast on the 3rd of the scene cut of “Pokemon” that appeared in Shigeru, Gou, who received the final trial mission of “Project Mew,” is alone. Head to the designated ruins. Rival Shigeru was also there. Can Gou complete the task? It is the one who is selected as an official member of the Mew exploration. The final challenge begins to grab a dream! !!

The anime “Pokemon” currently being broadcast is the 7th in the series. Set in all the regions that have appeared so far, various Pokemon that live in each area also appear. The story of Satoshi and Go, the main characters of W, adventuring in each region with their partner Pikachu.

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