The novel ‘Saint Warriors was made into a TV animation author’s congratulatory comments and illustrations released

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It has been decided that the novel “Saint Warriors ~Salaryman, the Path to Survive in Another World~” (from now on, “Saint Warriors”) will be made into TV animation.

“Saint Musou” is a work adventure tale in which a former office worker who died unexpectedly receives the talent of “holy attribute magic” in his reincarnated place and grows as a healer while enduring harsh training.

The serialization began in October 2015 on Japan’s largest online novel posting site, “Let’s become a novelist.” The latest ten volumes will be released on the 7th. The total number of books in the series has exceeded 2.2 million copies.

Original: Broccoli Lion
“Saint Musou,” celebration animation decision. As the original author, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in “Saint Warriors” and all the readers. Since I started writing, it has been decided that it will be made into a book, then it will be made into a comic, and now it will be made into an anime. I can’t help but think that Mr. Goun is living in “Saint Warriors.” I would appreciate it if you could continue to support Luciel, who will continue to work hard.

Manga: Scarlet Autumn Wind
“Saint Musou” is an animation! I’m just happy. I never thought a day like this would come! That’s surprising. As a viewer, I’m looking forward to seeing how Luciel and the others, Object X, and the various scenes will turn out in the anime!

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