The one-chorus version of the theme song for the movie ‘Alice and Teresu’s Illusionary Factory’ has been released! Miyuki Nakajima’s first anime music video!

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He is a scriptwriter who has won people’s hearts unfamiliar with anime, such as the blockbuster hit. We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day”, which touched the hearts of 3 million people as an anime that even adults can cry about. , the latest work from director Mari Okada, who received high acclaim domestically and internationally. MAPPA’s first original theatrical animation, Alice and Teres, will be released nationwide on September 15th (Friday), jointly distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and MAPPA.

Miyuki Nakajima, who fell in love and wrote her first song for an animated film, Shin-on” (released on September 13th), provided the theme song. At the preview screening, which was held in advance, there were many voices of excitement, such as ” I was shocked by goosebumps !” It was so outrageous that I couldn’t stop shaking” and I was so hooked on it,” from now on, I was excited to see what the new future holds. An epoch-making work has been born that will create.

The music video (one-chorus version) of the film’s theme song, “Shin-on,” written for the first animated film after falling in love with director Mari Okada’s script, has been released! It is a masterpiece produced by MAPPA and supervised by director Mari Okada and is composed entirely of footage from ” “Alice and Teresu’s Illusionary Factory.” It is Nakajima’s first music video to use anime footage.

In a voice message sent to the premiere of this film held the other day, he said, ”The combination of the world of animation and Miyuki Nakajima feels like a kind of mixed martial arts, and I was surprised by that as well.” I would be very happy if you enjoyed it.” Nakajima said about working on the theme song. This time, the music video also realized the miraculous collaboration of [Nakajima x anime].

This music video captures various facial expressions of the main character, Masamune, his classmate Mutsumi, and the mysterious girl, Gomi, who are shaken by the urge to fall in love. In the first half, time stands still, depicting a deserted railway, a deserted coastal road, and snow falling outside a slightly cloudy window, based on the lyrics, ” “No progress is made when no one touches or asks questions.”

The boring daily life of Masamune and his friends trapped in a town that has been destroyed is shown. From there, towards the second half, in the melody part that sings, ‘ ”Go to the future, to the future, to the future by yourself,” smoke like a wolf swirls and moves freely, as if in response to the song.

The images of Masamune driving the car with a determined look on his face, Mutsumi gazing off into the distance, and Gomi shouting as he reaches out to the cracked sky are synchronized. The images capture your heart immediately, making you feel a wave of emotion.

It has become. Another point to note is that the lyrics, one of Miyuki Nakajima’s true strengths, are displayed with movement using typography, making the songs more impressive as they relate to the characters’ actions and feelings. Please watch this music video created in collaboration with the movie while listening to Miyuki Nakajima’s voice and the lyrics!

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