The popularity of ‘Blue Rock’ caused a ‘misprint’ on the cover of Weekly Shonen Magazine.

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Kodansha’s “Weekly Shonen Magazine” 2.3 merged issue was released on the 14th, and it turned out that there was an “error” on the cover.

Nogizaka46’s Ayame Tsutsui decorates the cover, while the center color of the popular soccer anime “Blue Rock” (original work by Muneyuki Kinjo, drawing by Yusuke Nomura ), which is currently being broadcast on TV anime.

The headline “Over 13 million copies” dances in the illustration announcing the publication. However, this headline is false, and it is said that it exceeded 15 million copies.

The person in charge said, “In less than two weeks from the time the cover design was completed and the manuscript submitted (delivered to the printing shop) to the time it was released, we sold 2 million copies!” With the tailwind of the World Cup in Qatar, the series exceeded 200 times, and it was decided to make it into a stage play and hold an exhibition of the original drawings.

The “Blue Rock” unique seal set is complete in the same issue. A particular specification that uses uniform illustrations of characters active in TV animation. Continue to support the work through the magazine. (Yorozu News Editorial Department)

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