The reason for the ‘prohibition’ at school is. The special moves and happenings of the battle manga that I imitated when I was a boy

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A battle manga that warmed my heart as a boy. In the golden age of the 1980s and 1990s, Weekly Shonen Jump’s popular battle manga always had a “cool special move” that children would imitate during breaks. But unfortunately, too much excitement often leads to unexpected “accidents.”

Imitated!? I want to introduce an unexpected happening that triggered it.

“Hokuto Hyakureken” triggered a serious fight with a friend.

One of the representative Hokuto Shinken techniques used by the main character, Kenshiro, in the popular 1980s battle manga “Fist of the North Star” (original: Buronson, drawing: Tetsuo Hara) is “Hokuto Hyakureken.” When he roared, “Ah, Tata Tata Tata Tata Tata Tatata!!!!!” he threw countless fists at high speed, and the enemy’s face and body became squishy. Boys are heart-warming. Naturally, he wants to try it himself, and during break time, there are many “self-proclaimed Kenshiro” who try to unleash Hokuto Hyakureken. When I was throwing a high-speed punch at my friend who plays the villain, “Ah! Tatatatatatatatata!!!!!” It often developed into a fight. Also, when I was playing Hyakureken Fist in a small space, I pulled my elbow vigorously to deliver the next thrust, and as a result, the girl walking behind me went into the pit of her stomach, and she cried a lot.

There were times when the school issued an order to ban Hokuto Hyakureken. By the way, Akira Kamiya, the voice actor who played the role of Kenshiro in the anime version of “Fist of the North Star,” said that every Hokuto Hyakureken scene was exhausting, so he said, “Oh! After saying “Wow!”

A ban on “Paro Special” due to repeated blows to the face
“Paro Special” is a special move used by “Robo Choujin” Warsman in Yudetamago’s popular manga “Kinnikuman.” Jump on the back of your opponent like a piggyback and hold him with your legs wrapped around his knees.

In addition, it is a common technique that covers the opponent’s arms behind and tightens them up. In terms of pose, it feels like riding an American motorcycle, and Warman is also a cruel technique that eventually breaks the opponent’s arms. Since Warsman applied this technique to Kinnikuman in the Chojin Olympic finals, the boys began to imitate it.

The difficulty is that if the recipient of the method cannot support the weight of the opponent who climbs up from behind with an exquisite balance, the pose cannot be beautiful, so inevitably, a delicate child rides on top of the large child to perform the technique. I had a lot of things to do.

In addition, since the person who was hit could not use both hands, he stumbled forward and slammed his face on the floor as it was, which sometimes developed into a real fight. After that, just like the Hokuto mentioned above Hyakureken, the school issued a ban on Paro Specials, which allowed people to secretly pretend to play Paro Specials during class breaks in pools, where there were few gravity restrictions. Stayed.

Get caught up in “Kamehameha” using water balloons.

Few people don’t know. “Kamehameha” is used by the main character Son Goku in Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball.” It is a special move that defeats the enemy by collecting energy in both palms and releasing it all at once.

In addition to the catchy name “Kamehameha,” the boys’ hearts were captured by the poses of “Kah, Meh, Hah, Meh…”. However, nothing is released from both palms, so many boys secretly shoot water balloons instead. A girl was hit by a stray bullet from a Kamehameha water balloon that was made slightly more extensive, and her clothes were soaked.

The boys who had “withdrawal symptoms” due to the ban used to enjoy shooting the Kamehameha wave during breaks in the pool, as if the water splashed from their hands were like the Kamehameha wave. Today, toys that allow you to experience the Kamehameha wave are on sale, and many fathers say they are doing it for their sons but enjoy the sensations they were unable to achieve when they were young.

A special move from a battle manga that he desperately imitated when he was a boy. Looking back on it as an adult, I was impressed by the fact that there were various incidents, but it was a child’s pursuit of reality. And finally, I apologize to the girls at the time who caused trouble.

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