‘Sen no Kiseki NW’ to start broadcasting on January 23

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The TV anime ” The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern War ” will be broadcast in January 2023. Additional cast members, such as Koki Uchiyama and Inori Minase, will continue from the game version have also been revealed.

This work is the first animation of the popular RPG series “The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki” by Nihon Falcom. Set in the year 1205 of the Septian calendar, the Autonomous Province of Northumbria, located in the northwestern part of the Zemuria continent, is the central part of the game from the perspective of Lavi (Lavian Winslet/CV: Makoto Koichi ), who fights to protect Northumbria as a northern hunter. Finally, the untold story is written. Directed by Eiichi Sato and animated by Tatsunoko Production.

Uchiyama, who plays the main character Rean in the game “Sen no Kiseki” series, and Minase, who also plays the role of Altina, are in charge of the same roles as the game version.

In addition, Haruhiko Izumi will play the role of Grak, who leads the North Jaegers, an original anime character. Mie Sonozaki will play the role of Jaina, the right-hand man of Grak. Takayuki Kondo will play the role of Logan, and Jun Fukushima will play the role of Ivano, a colleague of Ravi and Tuck. Ryuichi Kijima plays it.

Haruhiko Izumi (voice of Grak Grommash)

“Sen no Kiseki”…that’s a fantastic title. The winner will eventually become the loser, and the winner will also… This work is a beautiful depiction of the sparkle of the moment that a person who lives earnestly gives off. I am pleased that I was able to participate in such work.

Mie Sonozaki (Jayna Storm)

I am honored to be involved in the ongoing legend of heroes and its animation. As attractive characters struggle and grow, how will Jaina, who I play, get involved? Whether you know the original or not, please look forward to it.

Takayuki Kondo (role of Logan Mugart)

Thankfully, I have been indebted to the Kiseki series for many years, and I cherish Agat and Wallace. And in the long-awaited TV anime, he will play the role of Logan. I am truly grateful! Please take a look at the lives of the characters.

Fukushima Jun (as Ivano)

Hello, I’m Fukushima, who plays the role of the mysterious masked soldier Ivano. Hehehe, I know what you’re thinking. I’m curious if he’s handsome under that mask. You can’t sleep at night because you’re worried about it!

Ryuichi Kijima (role of Tuck)

I’m Ryuichi Kijima, and I play the role of Tuck. I am truly honored to be able to dive into the historical world of Sen no Kiseki. He is usually aloof and exquisitely weak Tuck, but is there something extraordinary about him as a North Jaeger? Maybe.
I am looking forward to it!

Kouki Uchiyama (role of Rean Schwarzer)

The first game, “Sen no Kiseki,” was released about ten years ago, so I’m stunned by how quickly time flies. I was also interested in how Rean would appear in this anime based on the “Sen no Kiseki” series. Please look forward to next year’s broadcast.

Inori Minase (role of Altina Orion)

The trajectory of the flash will be animated and brought to you!

Unlike the recording of the game, which only had dialogue, I found discoveries and sensations in playing Altina during the post-recording to match the anime footage.

The sense of distance from Rean is also one of Altina’s cuteness points, so please look forward to it!

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