The Reiwa version of ‘Gamera’ will be a 6-episode anime series, and a new visual of Gyaos will be released.

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KADOKAWA announced on the 30th that “GAMERA -Rebirth-,” the latest work of the famous tokusatsu monster Gamera, which had been decided to be distributed worldwide on Netflix, will be an anime series with a total of 6 episodes. At the same time, the visual of the enemy monster “Gyaos” was released.

Visual of Gyaos released The production was announced in November last year, and the content was attracting attention, but it was an anime series. An animation announcement video was also released on the official website. All five monsters, including Gyaos, will be unveiled in sequence.

Mr. Kazunori Ito, who wrote the screenplay for the “Heisei Gamera Trilogy,” said, “I have high expectations for the reboot of Reiwa’s Gamera, which is different from Showa’s Gamera and Heisei’s Gamera. Gamera’s eyes are. Why is it green? In the cultural sphere of Europe and the United States, ”green eyes” symbolize things that are not very good. Sent. Gamera is a monster that appears in the 1965 special effects movie “Large Monster Gamera” released by Daiei (currently KADOKAWA).

An ally of children and justice who protects people from the crisis of the earth, it has a unique personality, such as a clever design modeled on a turtle and the ability to fly. It gained popularity for its unique style, such as passing in a disc shape, and for its brave appearance that confronts any formidable enemy. Made. After that, the “Heisei Gamera Trilogy” and the “Small Braves ~Gamera~” Gamera series were developed. (Yorozu News Editorial Department)

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