Manga ‘Given’ to be completed in the March 10th anniversary of the series, A famous work that has also been made into an anime and drama.

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It was announced on the official Twitter account of Diaplus & Cheriplus editorial department that the manga “Given” would be completed in the serialized magazine “Cheri+ May issue” (Cheriplus) released on March 30. Since the serialization started in 2013, the curtain will fall on the history of 10 years.

On Twitter, a notice page was posted in the March issue released today on the 30th, announcing that ‘The next issue of ‘Given’ will be completed & a major announcement!!’. It will be completed in the May issue, released on March 30, and published in color on the cover and at the beginning of the book.

In response to this, there were voices of surprise on SNS, such as “Is the given complete!?”, “Wait, wait, wait, the given is complete!?” ing.

“Given” is a BL comic by Natsuki Kizu that delicately depicts the love and growth of the four members of a rock band. Famous work serialized from. The anime was broadcast on Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” frame from July to September 2019, and in August 2020, “Movie Given” was released and made into a live-action drama.

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