The second collaboration of ‘Lineage W x Berserk’ starts today, January 11 (Wednesday)! New events and skins are available for a limited time!!

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The second collaboration project with “Berserk” at “Lineage W” started today, January 11 (Wednesday).

“Lineage W” inherits the legitimacy of the world-famous PC online game “Lineage” as an MMORPG while strategically developed based on the concept of “worldwide” with the premise of global expansion, the latest title.

In addition to adopting full 3D graphics and quarter view, we will develop a service with “Global One Build” that allows you to play with players worldwide in one world. For smooth communication between players with different languages, the real-time “AI (artificial Equipped with “Intelligence) translation” function realizes multilingual communication without time lag.

More than 13 million users worldwide have pre-registered, and it has attracted attention on a global scale. Starting with iOS / Android, you can enjoy the world of “Lineage W” on PC via NCSOFT’s unique cross-platform “PURPLE.” which is being experienced by people worldwide right now.

At “Lineage W,” the second collaboration project with “Berserk” started today, January 11 (Wednesday).

In this collaboration, the following events and skins will be added for a limited time, so check them out.

Addition of Berserk Collaboration [Collaboration Event Party Dungeon]

January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance-January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) Before regular maintenance

Players of level 30 or higher can enter, and it can be used once daily.
In the same dungeon, you can get the “Victory Trophy” item by defeating “Immortal Zod.”

The “Gap Sealing Stones” that can be obtained from “Victorious Trophy” include “[Skin Card] Guts (Berserker Armor)” and “Hero-Class Engraved Armor Making Secret Book Fragment (Engraved).” can be exchanged for 5 Berserk Week 1 skins You can change your character into “Guts (Berserker Armor),” “Immortal Zod,” “Farnese,” or “Skull Knight” with [Transformation Skin] or you can change your Magic Doll into a “Dark Beast.” [Magic Doll Skin] that can be used will also appear for a limited time.

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