The fantastic winter anime ‘Courage Explosion Burn Brave Burn’ What does it mean to have a sausage on the head? The big punch is also explosive! Episode 4

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The fourth episode of the TV anime Courage Explosion Burn Brave Burn aired on February 1st. It is titled “Isami, you don’t seem to understand what a person is yet.” Lewis Smith is assigned to watch Lulu, a mysterious girl he rescued on the beach, but Isami grows dissatisfied that she only seems to be playing around. Courage Explosion Burn Brave Burn” is the first completely original work by the animation production studio “Cygames Pictures.” It was released to viewers as a new generation of anime by director Masami Obari, who has been involved in anime.

The story is set in an era when the humanoid armored weapon “Titanostaride,” commonly known as TS, was developed, and Ao Isami, a member of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, and Lewis Smith, a member of the United States Marine Corps, meet on Oahu Island in Hawaii. to start.

They are attacked by a plane of unknown affiliation that suddenly appears and are in danger… *Due to the nature of this theme, the following text contains descriptions that may be considered “spoilers” for those who have not seen the work. Please be careful when reading further.

The day before the 4th episode aired, Mengo Yokoyari, the illustrator of the manga “Oshinoko” (serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump”), which was also made into a TV anime, suddenly posted Braeburn’s lyrics on his X (formerly Twitter). ! “I cried when I watched the first episode of Burn Bray Burn, and I couldn’t explain my tears, so I searched to find out if anyone else was like me. I’m sure there are many people out there who are like that.” Masu.

Director Obari responded to the post, and Yokoyari expressed his joy and expectations for the future. For episode 4, Director Obari posted advance Lulu-chan’s Obari Punch. In what situation will it explode…?” The Obari Punch”, in which the clenched fist is drawn with great force when a character punches with full force, has been familiar to anime fans for a long time, and this time, it was thrown by Lulu. Before the Obari Punch explosion, the pilot suit worn by Isami was unveiled. It was made by Miyu Kato (CV. Ai Kakuma) of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force maintenance platoon and prevented Isami’s clothes from being torn when boarding the Braeburn. Braeburn compliments him, saying, “Isn’t that suit the coolest thing ever?” The first half of episode 4 was about being swayed by Lulu. She still screams “ga-ga-ga-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pee,” or all she can say is “Lulu” and “Smith.” In the scene where Smith and his friends are eating, he is interested in cutlet curry, but his digestive system is underdeveloped, so he vomits the moment he eats it… Saya Aizawa, who plays Lulu, also uses emojis to express herself as she did in episode 3.

Aizawa also appeared as a guest on the original TV Anime Courage Explosion Burn Brave Burn” Web Radio #3, available on YouTube, and she tells the story behind her role as Lulu. You can also enjoy her talk project, I don’t want Braeburn like this,” with Ryota Suzuki, who plays the role of Isami, and Yohei Azagami, who plays the role of Smith, who are the personalities. In the second half, Braeburn arranges for Isami to go to the hotel bar where the soldiers gather.

There, she was served alcohol, and she headed home in a good mood, but… Mr. Azagami posted, I feel like I’m going to catch a cold because of the gap between the serious scenes!” and Mr. Suzuki posted, I’m curious about the sausage.” So, sausage? There’s a sausage on Braeburn’s head! Director Obari also said, Director, as someone who works at Braeburn Design, this image is too surreal, with the main character, the hero robot, having a sausage draped over his head like a lei.” Posted apologetically. In the bar scene, someone said, I’ll bring him (Braeburn) a wiener later,” and it looks like that happened. Many viewers were interested in the drawn sausages, and there was a lot of excitement online.

In addition, Director Obari answered the viewer’s question, Can Braeburn eat sausage?” That’s…top secret!” Mr. Suzuki also said in his comment, The detailed depiction of Braeburn with a sausage attached to his head was also good.” Speaking of details, Kakuma-san’s comments are a must-see as they are reminiscent of Miyu’s character. She profoundly loves all kinds of machines, and once she starts talking about it, it’s hard to stop.” ☆ The pilot Isami wears.

The main point of the suit is that “you can enjoy Isami’s quadriceps, which you can’t see even with that muscle ED.” After the broadcast, animation producer Sota Machiguchi, screenwriter Keigo Koyanagi, Kaori Maeda, who plays the role of Honoka Suzunagi of the Air Self-Defense Force, and Kenji Teraoka, who is in charge of production design, also posted their impressions.

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