‘MOVIX Akishima Film Festival’ to enjoy ‘sound’ by screening 21 films including ‘Violet Evergarden,’ ‘Tengaramon,’ ‘The Legend of Hei.’

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At ” MOVIX Akishima” in Akishima City, Tokyo, it has been decided that 21 masterpieces of movies, animations, and musicals will be screened at once under the title of “Enjoy with” sound “! MOVIX Akishima Film Festival “.

was postponed due to the declaration of emergency. Based on the concept of “enjoying movies with” sound “!”, We set up large-scale, high-quality audio equipment for live concerts in movie theaters. You can enjoy the realism of the sound of the movie with great power and live feeling.

This time, 21 masterpieces selected from all genres will be screened. From the popular anime “Violet Evergarden,” “Violet Evergarden Gaiden Eien to Automatic Note Doll,” and “Theatrical Version Violet Evergarden.” Disney’s masterpiece “Fantasia” combines eight classic classics with animation. From “Uta no Prince-sama,” which is popular for all kinds of content such as games, TV anime series, and radio, the first movie “Uta no Prince-sama theatrical version” is seriously the LOVE Kingdom.], And great anime works. There are also masterpiece musicals such as “La La Land,” which won six Academy Awards, “Hairspray,” “Burlesque,” and “Kinky Boots.”

The Indian movies “Baahubali Legend Birth” and “Baahubali King’s Triumph,” which became a hot topic, will be screened in . Twenty works will be announced this time, and the 21st work will be notified as soon as it is decided. Tickets will be sold from 17:00, three days before each screening date, and sold at the theater window two days before each screening date.

Enjoy with “sound”! MOVIE Akishima Film Festival << Live Sound Screening >> Screening work ◎ Violet Evergarden Gaiden Eternal and Automatic Note Doll ◎ Movie version Violet Evergarden ◎ La La Land ◎ Midnight Swan ◎ Kinky Boots ◎ Janice Joplin Baahubali ◎ Hairspray ◎ Fantasia ◎ American Utopia ◎ Baahubali Legend Birth R15 Designation ◎ Baahubali King’s Triumph ◎ Heavenly Person ◎ Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie ◎ Promega ◎ Rakoguro Senki The Future I Choose (Japanese Dubbed Version) ◎ Ra Koguro Senki [Chinese voice / Japanese subtitles] ◎ Girls & Panzer Movie version ◎ Movie version High School Fleet ◎ Movie version Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Seriously LOVE Kingdom “Enjoy with” sound ” “MOVIX Akishima Film Festival << Live Sound Screening >>” will be held for eight days from July 22nd (Thursday / holiday) to 29th (Thursday).

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