The second production of the TV anime ‘The Saint’s Magic Power is All-Purpose’ has been decided, and congratulatory comments will also be released.

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“The Saint’s Magic Power is All-Purpose” is a different world quiet life that begins when Sei, an office worker in his 20s soaked in work, is summoned to another world as a “Saint”.

A prince appears under Say called to another world, but he is absorbed in another girl who was also summoned, and Says is left alone. She was interested in a research institute dealing with medicinal plants. When she was asked to work there, she unexpectedly exerted the power of a “saint” and began to surprise her surroundings. Based on the novel of the same name by Yuka Tachibana, the first season of the TV anime will be broadcast in all 12 episodes from April 2021. Yui Ishikawa played the main character, Sei. To celebrate the decision of the second term, comments and illustrations will be released on the official website. In charge of the picture, Tachibana, the original author, Yasuyuki Tamashiri, Fuji Kozu, who is in order of comicalization, and Agu Ao, who works on the spin-off manga, also commented.

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