Congratulations!! Completion of the manga ‘Golden Kamuy.’

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The serialization of the comic “Golden Kamuy” will be distributed in the comic magazine “Weekly Young Jump 22/23 Merger Extra Large Issue”, released today on April 28 and Shueisha’s official manga app “Yangjan!” At 10 o’clock on April 28 today. The final episode, 314 episodes, “Golden Kamuy,” ended the eight-year serialization.

Although this work has reached its final episode this time, 30 volumes and 31 comics will be released for two consecutive months. Many developments, such as the start of broadcasting in October of the 4th period of TV animation, are planned, so keep an updated eye on it. It does not work.

Also, on Twitter, a hashtag “#Golden Kamuy” was attached, and many illustrations were posted by fans, Mr Toriumi and other illustrators, showing excitement and its popularity.

Furthermore, on April 22, official Twitter released a unique PV “THE SNOW COMIC” entitled “From the Northern Land, with gratitude for eight years.” Sugimoto and Asiripa are depicted in the footsteps of the snowy fields of Hokkaido, which was the stage, along with the impressive scenes in the play.

The comic “Golden Kamuy” will be released for free on Shueisha’s official manga app “Yangjan!” Until April 28, the “Golden Kamuy Exhibition” will be held today to look back on the actual materials and famous scenes. Has been done.

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