The second season of the anime ‘BASTARD!!’ will be broadcast on TV! The first time will be a 90-minute special broadcast.

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It has been decided that the second season of the anime BASTARD!! – Dark God of Destruction”, Hell’s Requiem”, will be broadcast on BS11/ABEMA from 24:00 on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

The second season of the series, “Hell’s Requiem”, is one of the most popular in the original series, featuring many attractive new characters such as the Samurai Corps and the Demon War General, and depicting the fateful confrontation between Dirk Schneider and Kal’s. “ed.” Episodes 1 to 3 will be broadcast consecutively on January 2 (Tuesday), which will be the first broadcast. From episode 4 onwards, one episode will be posted regularly, starting January 9 (Tuesday) every Tuesday at 25:00. Becomes.

In addition to BS11 and ABMEA, it has also been decided that it will be broadcast on Animax on Saturday, January 27, from 22:00 on CS stations.

In addition, to commemorate the start of the second season of TV broadcasting, BS11 will rebroadcast select episodes of the first season for six weeks starting November 24. Viral episodes from the first season will be rebroadcast.

For details on the anime “BASTARD!! – Dark God of Destruction”, please visit the anime’s official website.

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