The ‘SPY x FAMILY’ movie version will be released on December 22nd, super teaser visual unveiled TV animation Season 2 will start broadcasting in October.

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On March 26th at AnimeJapan 2023, which is being held at Tokyo Big Sight, the ” SPY x FAMILY ” special stage will be held, and the original movie version will be released on December 22nd under the title of ” SPY x FAMILY CODE: White” for the movie. was announced. At the same time, a super teaser visual for the movie version has also been released. In addition, it was revealed that Season 2 of the TV anime would be broadcast on TV Tokyo and others in October.

In addition, the staff working on the theatrical version has Kazuhiro Furuhashi, the director of the TV anime Season 1, as an animation advisor, and Takashi Katagiri, the assistant director of Season 1, in charge of the director. Ichiro Okochi writes the script, and a new original story is spun.

The super teaser visual for the movie, drawn by chief animation director Kyoji Asano, features Lloyd holding a gun with a stern expression, Yoru in killer mode, and Anya and Bond standing side by side with dignified words. In addition, the catchphrase “The world’s most spectacular family trip begins” is also engraved, raising expectations for the contents of the movie version.

Season 2 of the TV anime will be continued by the staff of Season 1, including director Furuhashi and character designer Kazuaki Shimada. Ichiro Okouchi will be in charge of the series composition.

At the event stage, the cast Takuya Eguchi (role of Lloyd Forger), Atsumi Tanezaki (part of Anya Forger * Tatsusaki Saki is the official name), Saori Hayami (role of Yol Forger), Kenichiro Matsuda (Bond / Forger role) is on stage. New information was announced, and he talked about his thoughts on the series that will be even more exciting.

It seems dubbing has not started yet, and Eguchi enthusiastically said, “Once the recording starts, I want to enjoy it with all my might.” Tanezaki said, “I hope this family will be able to appear in various places this year. I look forward to working with you this year and in the future.” It’s been 23 years, so please continue to support us until winter,” he said with a smile. Matsuda also said, “There is still more to come, so please continue to support us until winter.”

Also, following last year’s AnimeJapan, there was a corner where the cast showed off their illustrations. It was decided to draw the pictures in advance in anticipation of the visuals of the movie version. Still, while Tanezaki and Matsuda showed off their impressive drawing skills, Eguchi and Hayami demonstrated their “artist” style again this year. Eguchi and Hayami, who showed off too original illustrations, criticized each other’s pictures. Tanezaki smiled, “I thought my father and mother were stable to laugh so much from the morning.”

” SPY x FAMILY, “an anime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s manga, is about a spy named Tasogare, tasked with a top-secret mission. Creates a “temporary family” with Anya as a daughter and challenges the mission. The TV anime “Season 1” will be broadcast for two courses in 2022.

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