‘Wandaful PreCure!’ Episode 1 synopsis & scene cuts released: The first dog, PreCure, is born after the pet dog transforms

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The new series Wandaful PreCure!” is the 21st work of the TV anime PreCure.” It will start broadcasting on ABC TV and TV Asahi (every Sunday from 8:30 a.m.) on February 4th. The synopsis and scene cuts of the first episode were released in advance.

In the first episode, “The Beginning is ‘Wandafuru!'”, the pet dog Komugi (voice: Maria Naganawa), who lives in Animal Town with her pet dog, Roha (voice: Atsumi Tanezaki), is very close. She wakes up with me and goes for a walk.

Remembering that he had been asked to help the volleyball club, Iroha rushes out, and Komugi tries to follow, but Iroha’s mother, Yoko, comforts her and leaves her alone at home.

Komugi returns to Irohato Seaside Park, and while playing, she spots a round stone that shines in the grass. While I was wondering, a mysterious creature named Gargal appeared from another place.

While people are running away, Iroha sees a child and an animal and uses her finger whistle to lure Garugaru away. However, eventually, he is almost overtaken and falls. Komugi decides to save Iroha, who is desperate and jumps out in front of Garugaru.

“Wonderful Purikure! “motif is ‘animals,’ and the theme is ‘bonds with animals,’ and the first PreCure dog in the history of PreCure was born. The keyword is “Everyone is good friends! Wandafuru~!” a new story of PreCure unfolds that depicts interactions that transcend species and is set in Animal Town. In this town, animals and people live in harmony. The story is about how they care for each other. So, humans and animals can become essential partners and friends…The novel depicts the deep bonds created between animals and humans, such as dogs and their owners, cats and their owners, etc.

Who loves animals and is good friends with her dog. One day, she encounters a mysterious creature, Garugaru, that goes on a rampage in the city. To protect Iroha, Komugi takes on the human form and transforms into Pretty Cure, and the story is about how they work together to return the animals to Nico Garden to save the mentally unstable child.

The main character, Cure Wonderful/Komugi Inukai, is Iroha’s pet dog, Papillon, and he is so excited to take on the human form and chat with his beloved Iroha. He is highly athletic, loves walking, is very curious, and has a strong appetite. His catchphrase is “Wonderful!” imitating Iroha, and he transforms into Cure Wonderful, introducing himself as “It’s a beautiful world that everyone loves! Cure Wonderful! Let’s play together♪”. Maria Naganawa provides the voice.

Cure Friendly/Inukai Iroha is a second-year middle school girl who loves animals. Her daily routine is to take a morning walk with Komugi. She has many friends and animals also like her. She is a caring person, a caring person, has an honest personality, is not good at lying, and is good at exercise. Her catchphrase is “Wonderful!” and she transforms into “Cure Friendly,” and her name is “Everyone’s smiles color the world! Cure Friendly! Let me hear your voice.” Atsumi Tanezaki voices her.

In addition, Cure Nyami (name: “A noble, cute, sparkling world! Cure Nyami! It can’t be helped, I’ll take care of it”), Cure Lillian (“A world connected by tying and spinning! Cure Lillian! I’m not scared, I’m not scared”), Komugi and Iroha are PreCure Satoru Usayama, a boy who is a classmate who knows this, Daifuku, a rabbit who lives with Satoru, Mayu Nekoyashiki, a girl who recently moved to Animal Town, and Yuki, a cat who lives with Mayu, will also appear. The cast will be announced at a later date. Be done.

The opening theme song will be performed by Chisato Yoshitake, who has been in charge of many ending theme songs, including the previous work “Hirogaru Sky! PreCure”. The ending theme song will be performed by Ami Ishii, the singer of the last opening theme song, and Moeha Gomoto, who was in charge of the theme song “Welcome, Children’s Dreamia” for “Movie Delicious Party Kanojo no PreCure Yumemiru Kanojo no Kosama Lunch!”.

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