Original animation starring Saori Hayami and Yuki Kaji has surpassed 3 million views, and a new collaboration movie featuring SHISHAMO’s music has been released.

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The original animation “My Hashtag is not good. Has surpassed 3 million views (as of 10:00 on the 25th). In response to the response, the site will release a spin-off manga, “Aruhi no Coffee Shop De,” on the 25th, which depicts the story’s plot.

Also, from the 26th, a collaboration movie of SHISHAMO’s tie-up song “Kirakira” will be released, using original drawings drawn by manga artist Yoshitoki Oima, who was in charge of the original character design.

This is emo! Anime with over 3 million views, SHISHAMO x Yoshitoki Oima collaboration movie The original anime with over 3 million views, “My hashtag is not good. It is produced by Bandai Namco Film Works (formerly Sunrise), which worked on the Gundam series, directed by Koichi Chiaki, who was involved in the theatrical feature animation ‘Brave Story,’ and the character drafts are the manga’ Immortal Anata e.’ Appointed Yoshitoki Oima, a famous manga artist whose representative work is A Silent Voice.

The voice actors are Saori Hayami and Yuki Kaji. The work depicts a near future where self-expression by projecting a # (hashtag) on ​​an aerial display around oneself has become a daily routine. Yume, who lacks self-confidence, is encouraged by one word from her senior at the university, Minoru.

From the 25th, the spin-off manga of the same work, “At the coffee shop,” has been released. A spin-off manga that progresses from Minoru’s point of view, depicting events that happened a little before the main story and episodes that serve as hints for Yume’s lines. Also, from the 26th, a collaboration movie where you can enjoy the tie-up song “Kirakira” by SHISHAMO with Mr. Oima’s original character will be released simultaneously.

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