The theatrical animation ‘Rakudai Witch’ by Honohana Inoue and other cast members has been decided! The original author commented happily, ‘For me, everyone is the best wizard.’

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The first key visual for the animated movie “Rakudai Majo Fuka and the Dark Witch” has been released. In addition, Honoka Inoue, Mutsumi Tamura, Manaka Iwami, and other cast members have been decided. A comment from the original author has also arrived.

“Rakudai Majo” is based on a children’s book series of the same name published by Poplar Publishing by Satoko Narita (author) and Enaga Chino (illustrator). Eighteen works have been published so far, including the first work, “Rakudai Majo wa Princess,” in 2006, and the cumulative circulation of the series exceeds 1.6 million copies.

This theatrical animation will be produced by Production I.G, directed by Takayuki Hamana, scripted by Kiyoko Yoshimura, and a character designed by Marumi Sugita.

Princess Fuuka of the Silver Castle is a “camel witch” full of failures. One day, Fuka unlocks the “Black Bracelet” hidden in the basement of her castle. Fuka and her friends Chitose and Karin have been sent to another world by the power of the Dark Witch. A suspicious amusement park full of dangerous traps appears there…!?

Will Fuka and the others be able to ward off the darkness and save the magical country from the pinch?

The first key visual for the animated movie “Rakudai Witch Fuka and the Dark Witch” has been released.

Honoka Inoue will play the main character Fuka, Mutsumi Tamura will play Fuka’s childhood friend Chitose, and Karin, who is also a childhood friend of Fuka, will be played by Manaka Iwami. In addition, comments from the staff cast and the original author have arrived.

“Rakudai Majo Fuka and the Dark Witch” will be released in the spring of 2023.

Also, movie tickets with a clear bookmark set will be sold at screening theaters and online shopping sites from October 14th.

Full comments are posted below
[Satoko Narita (original)]
How is everyone? It’s been over ten years. I’m fine!
I am very sorry for appearing in this way, but
What a fantastic miracle called “Raku witch/Theatrical animation” is happening.
Believable……? I still can’t believe it.
How much time have you blown away since the release of volume 17? ! That’s what it feels like.

Well, I was the only one affected by the magic of time, and during that time, everyone accumulated experience points,
I think I’m in the middle of having various adventures.
Imagining how everyone has grown up, I can’t help but feel hot.
I think there were times when I felt terrible and days when things didn’t go well,
If you are reading this comment,
You’re feeling pretty good today! All right, good boy.
Thank you for coming to play, even if you are not feeling well! Take a break after reading. smile

Such a great witch will be made into a movie, but this is all thanks to your support.
Thank you so much for always loving the witch.

When I first wrote Raku Majo, my head was filled with happy flying Fuka-chan.
Such a small world just for me will meet everyone and go on many adventures together,
It’s become a massive world.
And this time, it’s a situation I couldn’t even imagine would become an anime and spread in front of me.

So I think this theatrical animation is a magical gift everyone created.
Thank you for the beautiful surprise.
To me, everyone is the best wizard.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of image the world we created together will look like.
I’m getting information from the dark privilege of being an author.
I believe that the world has become a wonderful place far beyond our imagination.

I would be happy if all the children and adults could enjoy the magic together at the theater.
See you soon! See you

[Chino Enaga (original picture)]
Sixteen years ago, the first volume of “The Camel Witch is a Princess” was released.
When I started illustration, I never imagined that the series would be loved for a long time.
I’ve heard fans’ voices wanting an anime adaptation for a long time, but it’s a theatrical version! I was surprised.
When the critical visual arrived, it felt like a new wind had blown into the world of “Rakumajo.”
I was thrilled that I would have been enthralled if I had met him as a child.
I’m looking forward to a big adventure with moving Fuka, Karin, and Chitose!

[Director: Takayuki Hamana]
A little scary…but an exciting adventure. A thrilling experience. I would be happy if you could feel the love and courage of Fuka, who is a little clumsy and cute.
Currently in production with the best staff!
Please come to the theater.
The wonderful world of “Rakudai Witch” awaits.

[The role of Fuuka: Honoka Inoue]
I’m Honoka Inoue, and I’ll be playing the role of Fuka-chan.

Was this a dream when she heard that she had passed the audition? I thought. Ever since she was a little girl, she has said, “My dream for the future is to become a wizard,” so I’m thrilled!

I feel a lot of pressure because it is a work that many people love, but I would like to play it with all my heart, with the excitement I felt when I read the Rakudai Majo series for the first time.

I’m excited to see how Fuka-chan’s innocent and cute appearance and wonderful characters will be portrayed in the movie, and I’ll be waiting for the dubbing time.

I am looking forward to a great adventure in the magical land with Fuka-chan.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much!

The role of Chitose: Mutsumi Tamura

When I was young, I dreamed of having unique abilities and going on an adventure.

I also loved how the boy who was a childhood friend in the shoujo manga becomes the main character.

I haven’t seen the script yet, but the original camel witch was a work that greatly stimulated my childhood.

I was so excited! I want to play the wonderful Chitose-Kun, who protects the tomboy Fuka-chan while being swayed.

The role of Karin: Manaka Iwami

I will play the role of Karin in the theatrical animation “Rakudai Witch Fuka and the Dark Witch”! My name is Manaka Iwami. When I looked for the original work at the bookstore, I remembered my feelings in elementary and junior high school and was so excited!

I’m looking forward to playing the kind and cute Karin-chan!
I hope it reaches many people, from children to adults! I will try my best!

Theatrical animation [Rakudai Witch Fuka and the Witch of Darkness] will be released in the spring of 2023
Movie ticket information
Movie ticket card with clear bookmark set
Sales start at screening theaters and online shopping sites on Friday, October 14th!
[Price] 1,500 yen (tax included)
[Bonus] Set of 4 clear bookmarks
[Release date] Theater: October 14th (Friday) Theater OPEN ~ / Mail order site: October 14th (Friday) 0:00 ~
[Release destination] Theaters scheduled to be screened (excluding some theaters), “Major” mail order site
It will end as soon as it runs out.
Benefits are one set per movie ticket.

Original: “Rakudai Majo” Series Written by Satoko Narita and Illustrated by Enaga Chino (published by Poplar Publishing)
Director: Takayuki Hamana
Screenplay: Kiyoko Yoshimura
Character design: Marumi Sugita
Animation Production: Production I.G
Distributor: Pony Canyon
Production: Animation “Rakudai Witch” Production Committee

Fuuka: Honoka Inoue
Chitose: Mutsumi Tamura
Karin: Manaka Iwami

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