The TV anime ‘Under Ninja’ will start airing in October 2011! Produced by Tezuka Productions

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On February 22nd, which was established as “Ninja Day ” with a pun on “ninninnin,” a teaser visual and a teaser site for the TV anime “Under Ninja” were released. At the same time, it was announced that it would be broadcast on TBS and others from October 2023.

“Under Ninja” (Kodansha/ Young Magazine ) is a TV anime based on the popular manga by Kengo Hanazawa, known for “I am a Hero.” In a world where ninjas, which are said to have disappeared after the war, still exist secretly and work behind the scenes in modern times, this is the story of Kuro Kumogakure, a low-level ninja who lives like a NEET, throwing himself into solemn ninja duties.

The new visual, released on February 22nd, an important date in the series, shows Kuro Kumogakure hiding in the ceiling as if to represent the “ninja” who continues to work behind the scenes in Japan.

It became one piece depiction. Along with the visual release, a teaser site has also opened. In addition, the staff members working on this work have also been revealed. Directed by Satoshi Kuwabara, the character design by Nobuteru Yuki will be produced by Tezuka Productions.

TV animation “Under Ninja” Broadcast on TBS and others from October 2023 [Staff] Director: Satoshi Kuwabara Series composition / Screenplay: Keiichiro Ochi Character design: Nobuteru Yuki Sub-character design: Chihiro Ueno Mechanical prop design: Seiji Sanda Prop Design: Naomi Yamada Chief Animation Director: Akio Ujiie Rena Iwasaki Art Director: Masami Saito Color Design: Yumi Yutani: Dax Productions Music: Shota Kowashi Music Production: Pony Canyon Animation Production: Tezuka Productions (C) Kengo Hanazawa, Kodansha / Under Ninja Production Committee

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