‘Gunma-chan’ anime broadcast Economic effect is over 200 million yen Gunma prefecture estimates

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As a result of the estimation of the economic effect of the animation broadcasting of the mascot character “Gunma-chan” by Gunma prefecture, it was found that it amounted to more than 200 million yen in terms of advertising expenses.

The prefecture budgeted more than 300 million yen this year in an attempt to brand “Gunma-chan”, of which 237 million yen was used to broadcast the anime.

The animation was broadcast on eight commercial broadcasters in the Kanto and Kansai regions and became a hot topic on TV, newspapers, and Internet news. As a result of the prefecture’s estimation of the economic effect, it reached 204 million yen in advertising expenses. I found out that it was.

In addition, many related goods are on sale, and while the prefecture is investigating sales, it analyzes that the economic effect will be greater than the estimated advertising costs.

Furthermore, including the economic spillover effect, such as attracting customers to Gunma, the prefecture evaluates that “the production cost of animation has been fully recovered.”

The prefecture has included 432 million yen in the budget for the new fiscal year as expenses for producing anime sequels, aiming to improve the brand value further.

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