The world’s first ‘Ahegao’ art exhibition, fashionable with overseas reimports, ‘I want to express interesting, fun, and cute.’

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Probably the world’s first group exhibition, “AHEGAO EXHIBITION 2022,” with the theme of Ahegao opened at DUB Gallery AKIHABARA in Akihabara, Tokyo on the 14th. They were exhibited by 11 artists, including three overseas countries. MAYU MANSON, the founder of the Ahegao Research Institute, who presided over the exhibition, said, “I think I was able to put out what I thought was fun, engaging, and cute. People who couldn’t express what they liked because of the eyes around them. I want them to see it. It doesn’t matter what it is, but I’d be happy if I could support the feeling of expressing what I like. “

Ahegao, with its unfocused eyes and sloppy tongue, is a symbolic, sensual, and sexual expression of orgasmic expression, manga, anime, and now three-dimensional sexy. It also has a meaning. A wide variety of works, such as illustrations, photographs, and collages, were exhibited by 11 people from Japan and abroad, including the United States, Brazil, and Sweden, who resonated with Mr. MAYU. “I didn’t expect so many works to come together in the concept we presented. Ahegao is something you don’t see in everyday life, but it’s not too far from art. I thought, I felt the fun and the newness. “

Mr. MAYU focused on Ahegao in September 2018, when Belle Delphine, a cosplayer and model from the UK, posted a photo with white eyes and tongued out on the SNS and buzzed. In addition, contemporary artist Rush Sachs immediately turned the post into a work. In addition to this situation, I learned that the Ahegao from Japan, which is recognized as “HENTAI,” is prevalent overseas. In November of the same year, I posted a photo of myself with a cross-eyed tongue in the form of reimport.

This caused a great response, and I was obsessed with the charm of Ahegao. In parallel with posting on SNS, I exhibited a video work at an art exhibition in December 2019. She set up the Ahegao Institute and started her career as an artist. “Art hasn’t changed anything special. It feels like my funny, fun, and cute work has been accepted naturally.” Since she was in junior high school, she has posted self-portrait images and favorite things on the Internet and SNS. It is said that there was no contradiction in establishing her own identity with Ahegao, who announced mainly on her net.

Why do you make a pose that makes your tongue stick out, squint, and collapse your face? There may be a message that strongly appeals to the spiritual liberation of the society that imposes a stereotype. Ahegao can be said to be an icon that symbolizes the spirituality of the 21st century.

In this way, I found the role of establishing the concept of art and breaking the stereotypes of cuteness and beauty in Ahegao. Still, “Ahegao has a strong fetish element, and there is a gray part that can not be said to be art. There is no idea of ​​becoming a leader of Ahegao. I like it, it’s funny, it’s cute. I want to express my thoughts. And I want to see more Ahegao posted on SNS by other people. I like Ahegao. ” “Originally, Ahegao, which started with eroge and manga, has increased the number of self-photos posted overseas from around 2018. From last spring, only for a moment in the video posted by ordinary high school girls to Tick Tok. “Ahegao” that sticks out the tongue as one of the strange faces has increased. I think that it is becoming more and more generalized, “says MAYU. The group exhibition filled with “my favorite” will be held until the 29th of this month, except for Sundays and holidays.

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