A must-see for fans! TV anime ‘BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War’ special ending

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The unique ending movie for the first episode of the TV anime “BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War,” which began broadcasting on October 11, 2022, has been released! Along with “Rapport” sung by Tatsuya Kitani as the theme song for Weekly Shonen Jump “BLEACH” 20th Anniversary & Original Art Exhibition “BLEACH EX.”

“BLEACH,” which depicts the activities of high school student Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends who became Shinigami who fight evil spirits and emptiness, has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” for 15 years since 2001 and has sold 120 million copies.

A very popular manga written by Taito Kubo. It is a sword-fighting action comic that has been famous worldwide even after its completion, with many media mixes such as animation, stage, and theatrical animation.

And the final chapter of the series, the TV anime “BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War,” will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo affiliates on Monday, October 10! The character design has been renewed since the previous series broadcast and will come back with more power.

This time, the unique ending movie broadcasted in the first episode has been released. With “Rapport,” sung by Tatsuya Kitani, you can look back on “BLEACH” so far and taste the video fans cannot miss.

In addition, the release of Blu-ray Discs and analog board soundtracks for the four theatrical versions has also been decided.

Thoroughly review and enjoy the animation series so far, and enjoy the latest animation!

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