Amamiya Sora has been selected as a new cast for the TV anime ‘Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia’! ‘I acted while thinking I could understand my sister’s selfish and rough feelings.’The first Blu-ray jacket is also released!

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“Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia” is attracting attention for its double media adaptation of TV animation and live-action movies. The TV anime broadcast that started on April 10 has entered the second half, and the live-action movie release on June 23 is less than a month, and the excitement of this work is accelerating more and more.

After the broadcast of Episode 8, a significant turning point in the story, it was announced that Sora Amamiya would play the role of Hayaya Magari, the older sister of the heroine Isaki Magari.

A comment from Amemiya arrived at the time of the announcement.

Comment from Sora Amemiya, who plays the role of Hayaya

I also have a younger brother, so I acted while thinking that I could understand my older sister’s selfish and rough feelings.

But somehow, older sisters are older sisters, aren’t they?

I was conscious of this work’s unique and realistic atmosphere, and I acted while thinking that I would like you to feel that kind of thing!
Please look forward to the broadcast!

The ninth episode, in which Amemiya plays Hayaya, will be broadcast on June 5. Please enjoy it.

In addition, the jacket and layout of the Blu-ray volume 1, which will be released on July 5, have been removed.

The jacket features illustrations drawn by the anime, and a short manga leaflet drawn by the original author Ojiro Makoto is included.

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