Theatrical animation ‘I want to eat your pancreas’ broadcast on Friday 23rd at the roadshow

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It was revealed that “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas,” an animated movie of Yoru Sumino’s best-selling novel, will be broadcast on Nippon Television’s “Friday Road Show” on July 23.

The novel of the same name, which has surpassed the cumulative circulation of 3 million copies, is a sad and beautiful youth story of “I,” who was accidentally informed by his classmate Sakura Yamauchi that he had a short life expectancy. In 2017, it was made into a live-action movie with the co-starring Minami Hamabe and Takumi Kitamura and recorded a big hit with box office revenue of 3.52 billion yen. In the 18-year anime movie version, Mahiro Takasugi and Lynn made voice appearances, and Studio VOLN of “Ushio and Tora” was in charge of the animation production.

In April, when the late-blooming cherry blossoms are still in bloom, “I,” a high school student who is not interested in others and always reads books by himself, picks up a paperback book in the waiting room of the hospital. The book, entitled “Kyodo Bunko” in handwritten text, was a diary secretly written by Sakura, a popular person in the innocent class. Sakura tells “I,” who read the journal, that she has a pancreatic disease and has a short life expectancy. It was when she had the only secret sharing partner for her, who hides her illness except for her family and doctors. Until the final day comes, Sakura will live her daily life, as usual, do what she wants to do, and enjoy her life to the fullest. Being swayed by her unrestrained behavior, “I”‘s heart changes little by little.

Producer Yuma Takahashi of “Aniplex” said, “I want to eat your pancreas” is a story that begins with the encounter between a boy named “I” and a girl named “Sakura Yamauchi.” The appearance of the two is a truly remarkable novel that strikes the reader’s heart. When I finished reading, I was shocked by the encounter and cried a lot. ” “When making the animation, I faced the novel seriously, aiming for a video that you can feel after reading the book even when you finish watching the energy, and worked hard with the staff, cast, and artists that I met at that time. I think we have created a work that you can enjoy with all of us at that time. “

“I want to eat your pancreas” will be broadcast on “Friday Road SHOW!” From 9 pm on July 23. In addition, today, June 18 is “The Fable,” 25th is “Peter Rabbit,” July 2 is “Wolf Children’s Rain and Snow,” 9th is “The Boy and the Beast,” 16th Has a lineup; of “Summer Wars.”

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