The crocodile was Amazon Lily’s predecessor Empress!? This week’s manga/anime news ranking

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The manga/anime community has also been buzzing with various topics this week. “Maijitsu Enta,” which delivers seasonal issues, introduces the most talked about manga and anime news this week (until 9/21 delivery).

  1. “”ONE PIECE”” Crocodile’sCrocodile’s “”previous empress”” theory surfaced…Have you fallen in love with Whitebeard in the past?
  2. Animation “Licorice Recoil” Burns with “Moute Higanbana”! Some voices question unconscious expression restrictions
  3. Jump “Burakuro” new chapter looks like Wano country edition? Is the hiatus avoiding overlap with “ONE PIECE”?
  4. jump’s new series “Gingka and Ryuna” has a series of Tsukkomi! To the next generation, “Hiroaka.”
  5. “”ONE PIECE”” Blackbeard’sBlackbeard’s “”feeling small”” accelerates… Is the excitement of the final chapter hopeless?

Is Crocodile the former emperor of Amazon Lily?

This week’s most talked about the article was about the manga “ONE PIECE,” which is now loved in Japan and worldwide.

Crocodile is one of the most popular boss characters in ONE PIECE. However, her past is shrouded in mystery, and the theory that she is a “former woman” is whispered among speculators. There seems to be further progress on this theory in episode 1059, published in the 41st issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump,” released on September 12th.

Why is Crocodile suspected of being a “former woman” in the first place? The trigger was the depiction of “Impel Down.”

Emporio Ivankov has revealed that he has one “weakness” about crocodiles. Speaking of Ivankov, he is a person with the power of “Hor-Hor Fruit” that can freely manipulate hormones. In the film, he changes the gender of himself and others many times. From this, it is speculated that crocodiles were once “sexed into men.”

Another factor is physical appearance. In general, it is said that piercing only the right ear has the meaning of appealing to femininity, but the Crocodile is also wearing the right ear piercing.

Furthermore, in “ONE PIECE,” the hair description differs for male and female characters. The black hair of male characters does not have a “glossy finish.” For some reason, only Crocodile is considered the owner of rough sex because he has shiny hair, even though he is a man.

Up to this point, the content had already been considered, but in Episode 1059, “The Case of Colonel Coby,” a new theory surfaced. In a nutshell, the content is that “Crocodile is the former emperor of Amazon Lily.”

In episode 1059, it turns out that the identity of the mysterious woman Shakky, who works with Silvers Rayleigh, is the previous emperor of Amazon Lily, “Shakuyaku.” Previously, the emperor two generations ago, “Gloriosa,” told the current emperor, Hancock, that the two previous emperors died of ” love troubles.” However, whether “dead” was a symbolic meaning, the two generations are living outside the country as Shakkie.

If so, the former emperor may still be alive. As a candidate for that, the name of Crocodile, who has the charisma befitting the “Empress,” was raised. Hancock is 29 years old in the New World edition, Crocodile is 46 years old, and Crocodile is one year older. Therefore, he is at the perfect age for the position of the former emperor.

Also, just as Hancock is thinking of Luffy and Shakuyaku is probably thinking of Rayleigh, the successive emperors of Amazon Lily seem to be developing romantic feelings for the “great pirates.” And Crocodile showed an extraordinary obsession with Whitebeard in the Paramount War arc.

When Crocodile was a woman, he was fascinated by Whitebeard, and even after the gender change, he still had that feeling.

However, this hypothesis has one drawback. Amazon Lily has many Haki users, but Crocodile seems too ignorant about Haki. Conversely, when Crocodile uses Haki, the correctness of the ” previous emperor” theory may be confirmed.

Next is the topic of “Lycoris Recoil,” which was a big break as an original animation for this season. It was pointed out that there was a dangerous expression in the eye-catching of the 11th episode broadcast the other day.

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