Theatrical animation ‘Inuoh’ is a Long-awaited Blu-ray & DVD release decision!

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The “Inuoh” special package will be released on 12/14! In addition, the original soundtrack that colors the work is now available as a limited edition analog board! Director Masaaki Yuasa’s theatrical animation “Inuoh” (distribution: Aniplex, Asmik Ace) is based on “The Tale of the Heike: Inuoh no Maki” (written by Hideo Furukawa). This real-life Noh play fascinated people in the Muromachi period.

A work that depicts the world of “Noh” from a vivid perspective and the strong friendship between the musician Inuoh and his buddy Tomoo, a biwa player. Director Yuasa, Akiko Nogi (screenplay), Taiyo Matsumoto (character draft), Yoshihide Otomo (music), and other creators draw on the ever-changing image of the musical animation Inuoh, who has made unstoppable progress, starting with music activities as Queen Bee.

Mirai Moriyama, who has outstanding acting and singing ability as an expressive artist who is not bound by any category, will play the role of Avu-chan and Tomoo. Together, they colored the film with an overwhelming presence. It was released in 121 theaters nationwide, recorded 230,000 spectators, and a box office income of 340 million. Therefore, it has been decided to release Blu-ray & DVD of this work, which has been screened for over two months since its release.

The package design is by Yoko Akuta, who worked on the posters and pamphlets for this work. In addition, the limited edition Blu-ray will come with a “gourd-type” digital jacket inspired by the mask of Inuoh illustrated on colored paper drawn by the original designer Taiyo Matsumoto, interviews with the director and cast, and a special booklet containing comments from the animation staff. Luxurious specifications. They were packed with the world of the work “Inuoh” in a unique package.

In addition, as a limited edition audio bonus, in addition to the audio commentary by Av-chan, Mirai Moriyama, and director Yuasa, which were used in the sub-audio screening, the event “With live commentary! A special audio commentary of “Cheering Screening” (with Av-chan, director Yuasa, and Akiko Nogi on stage)! In addition to the behind-the-scenes stories from director Yuasa and Akiko Nogi, Avu-chan enthusiastically sang, and the audience applauded, creating a realistic commentary.

The newly recorded “Inuoh Otogi Zoshi,” written by Hideo Furukawa, and “Intermission ‘Inuoh to Yuichi'” written by Akiko Nogi, were distributed then of the theatrical release. “Inuoh Otogi Zoshi” is read aloud by Kenjiro Tsuda, who played Inuoh’s father in the main story. Be able to. On the same day, Yoshihide Otomo’s movie “Inuoh” original soundtrack will be released as an analog record.

A collector’s item with a limited production of 1,000 pieces in Japan. Just like the CD, the contents are designed to allow you to enjoy the world view of the work, and we hope you will enjoy the new music world of “Inuoh” through the medium of “records.” In addition, September 5th (Monday) will be the last day of screening at Shinjuku Wald 9. So don’t miss the last chance to enjoy “Silent Support” of “Inuoh” on the big screen!

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