The national anime ‘Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi’ will be staged for the first time starring Keisuke Koide Co-starring Drif and Nakamoto Construction

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It was revealed on the 20th that the nationally popular anime “Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi” will be staged for the first time, starring actor Keisuke Koide (38), at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater in Nishi-Ikebukuro, Tokyo, in November.

A story of tears and laughter in which a poor young man and a beautiful woman born from a crane become a couple and help the hated god of poverty. The Drifters’ Nakamoto Kogyo (81) and other pleasant people will also co-star and make it lively.

“Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi” has been broadcast on various TV stations for over 30 years since 1975. This time, the original work of the masterpiece anime, which has been widespread across generations, will be revived as a joint production.

The title is “Japanese folklore ‘God of Binbo to Fuku no Kami ~Tsuru no Ongaeshi~'” (performed from November 17th to 27th). Netaro (Koide), by fate, marries Tsuru, thanking him for being a hard worker thanks to the Binbogami living in the house, and the couple saves the Binbogami from crisis.

From the original work, he collaborated on “Binbogami to Fuku no Kami” and “Tsuru no Ongaeshi”. Writer and director Shigeki Motoiki told the newspaper, “Based on an old tale filled with compassion and mutual help that tends to fade due to the corona crisis, I wanted to cheer on the Japanese people who are surviving today’s difficult times. There are about 1,500 episodes, and I would like to eventually turn it into a renewed animation or a live-action drama,” he said passionately.

Koide is currently active in Japan and the United States, with strong remorse for the drinking turmoil with a minor woman that was discovered in 2017. Mr. Motoiki explained his reason for choosing him, saying, “Everyone makes mistakes in life. Koide has good acting and voice and is well-liked by those around him. He can play a character with depth.”

Koide, who is breaking new ground, recalled through the people involved, “I saw Japanese old tales when I was a child, and it’s a memorable work that made me feel like I was being watched over.” “I’ll do my best to lure people who grew up with anime and those who didn’t into a world full of warmth and compassion,” he said.

The role of Tsuru is actress Yurika Nakamura (25). In addition, Nakamoto, Hikomaro (56), and many other pleasant co-stars will be welcomed, and an official announcement and press conference will be held in early October.

Etsuko Ichihara and Fujio Tsuneda play different roles in the anime.

The anime “Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi” will be broadcast from January 1975 to January 2012 (including interruptions) on terrestrial channels such as TV Asahi and TBS. The characters were voiced by the late actress Etsuko Ichihara and the late actor Fujio Tsuneda. The event was planned by Aya Tomomi Kawauchi, a writer of children’s stories.

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