‘Pop Team Epic’ season 2 will be distributed on TikTok for the first time on TikTok’s terrestrial broadcasting simultaneously

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It has been decided that the second season of the new TV anime “Pop Team Epic” (Pop Te) will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channels from October 1st.

In addition, unlimited viewing exclusive distribution by Amazon Prime Video and simultaneous terrestrial distribution on TikTok LIVE and Nico Nico Live Broadcast will be performed, and it will be the first time in history that TikTok will perform accompanying terrestrial distribution of TV animation.

The anime is based on a four-panel manga by Bukubu Okawa. It was broadcast on TOKYO MX from January to March 2018, and during the 30-minute broadcast, almost the same content was published in the first and second half, and the voice actor in charge of the main character changed each time. As a result, it became a hot topic.

In addition, a rebroadcast was broadcast in October 2021. Still, as a remix version in which the number of episodes of the cast that appeared was wholly replaced from the main broadcast, it attracted attention by showing new developments every week while rebroadcasting.

Before the broadcast of the second season, illustrations by Bukubu Okawa (original), Jun Aoki (series composition/series director), and fans had been released.

Broadcast information
TOKYO MX: From 10/1, every week (Sat) from 25:30
BS11: From 10/1 every week (Saturday) from 25:30
MBS: From 10/4 every week (Tuesday) 27: 00 ~
BS NTV: From 10/4 every week (Tuesday) from 23:30
HTB: From 10/4 every week (Tuesday) 25: 55 ~

Delivery information
‘Unlimited viewing exclusive distribution
From Amazon Prime Video 10/1 every week (Saturday) 25: 30 ~

‘<Simultaneous terrestrial broadcasting’ *No archive
From 10/1 every week (Saturday) from 25:30
niconico live

Original: Bukubu Okawa (Takeshobo “Manga Life WIN”)
Planning/Producing: King Records
Series Composition / Series Director: Jun Aoki (Space Cat Company)
Acoustic director: Toru Kane
Sound effects: Yasumasa Koyama
Sound production: Glovision
Music: Gin (BUSTED ROSE)
Music Production: King Records
Animation Production: Space Cat Company, Kamikaze Video
Production: King Records

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