Theatrical version ‘Penguindrum’ Yakushimaru Etsu This sequel is a unique PV using the theme song

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A unique PV of the first part, “Kimi no Train is a Survival Strategy,” of the movie version ” Re: the cycle of the PENGUINDRUM,” which re-edited “Penguindrum,” was unveiled.

” Penguindrum ” is an original TV anime broadcast in 2011 by director Kunihiko Ikuhara of ” Revolutionary Girl Utena.” The story of characters wearing penguin-shaped hats, unique visuals using pictograms, and mysterious keywords such as “survival strategy” was a hot topic.

A new part will be added in the movie version, and it will be developed in the first and second parts. The first part will be released on April 29, and the second part, “I love you,” will be released on July 22.

In the PV of about 90 seconds, you can see the video including the new cut of the first part of the movie version with the theme song “Existence of Us” of the second part by “Yakushimaru Etsuko Metro Orchestra” as the background.

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