‘Solo Stageing Only for Me’ is a Popular Korean novel, manga animated by A-1 Pictures production

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It turned out that the Korean novel “Solo Stageing” will be animated. Shunsuke Nakashige is the director, Noboru Kimura is in charge of the series, Tomoko Sudo is in order of character design, and Hiroyuki Sawano is in charge of the music. A-1 Pictures produce it.

This work is a manga written by Chugong, drafted by DUBU, and adapted by h-goon. The web manga service “Piccoma” is gaining popularity, recording over 650 million PV. Set in a world where humans with extraordinary abilities called hunters exist, the gate of the passage connecting another dimension and the present world, Shun Mizushino, the lowest rank hunter called the weakest weapon of humankind, suddenly raises the level only by himself. The story of getting the power to do and running from the lowest to the strongest.

Chuong said, “About six years ago, when I was writing the beginning of” Solo Stageing, “someone told me,” It’s going to be a novel you wrote, a manga. ” I’m sure he said, “Isn’t it a lie !?”. That’s what I’m talking about in the animation … I want to be relieved to see them moving as an animation. I will do my best while waiting for the day to come (laughs). “

Mr. DUBU said, “Finally, the animation of” Solo Leveling Up “is about to start. It seemed like yesterday when you talked about the animation, but it’s being produced. I’m deeply moved. This is all thanks to the readers who love and support “Solo Staging.” I am grateful. Thank you very much. Also, the animation production team, Please support us as well. It would be great if the animation of this work gave readers new enjoyment. “

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